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Find the Cutest Maternity Tops This Season

Summer, summer, summertime, and the living is easy! It’s sunny, it’s hot, the beach is calling your name, and now, you’re pregnant! Congratulations, what an incredible adventure you’re embarking on. 

Every woman in my life who has been pregnant during the summer season (especially those experiencing their third trimester during the hottest months of the year) has given me tips for beating the heat: ice cubes down your shirt, cold washcloths on your forehead, or just standing directly in front of the air conditioning unit to maximize your cooling potential.

But a significant component of their handling the extreme heat was their wardrobe. Light colors and soft and breezy fabrics were their saving grace during the scorching summer heat. 

Thankfully, there are a plethora of cute and trendy maternity tops online, perfect for thriving in the summer’s rays of sunshine. 

Summertime is notorious for having a lot of events, different gatherings, special occasions, family get-togethers, and celebrations happening all the time — not to mention your day-to-day activities and getaways with your loved ones. All of which require a different aesthetic. 

So, let’s break down your summer maternity style.

The everyday tee.

The best part of being pregnant? That ADORABLE bump! Finding an everyday tee that’s comfortable, trendy, and highlights your growing baby inside your tummy will be your wardrobe’s new favorite staple. 

Depending on how you’re feeling that day or what’s on your agenda, you can pair it with a nice pair of maternity jeans, harem pants, or leggings. Or, if you’re hanging around your house on a hot summer’s day, skip the bottoms and wear your everyday tee with your comfy panties. Sometimes, it’s just too hot for pants.

The Loose Vee

Loose, looking like you don’t care, like you effortlessly rolled out of bed and looked that chic.

That’s what your friends and family will be thinking when you step out this summer in a looser-fitting v-neck. There’s just something about drapey, soft fabric in the summertime that adds a layer of style to your comfort staples. Pair it with some cute maternity shorts or jeans, and you and your growing baby bump will look like you stepped off a runway. 

The Bodysuit…hear us out.

You know the feeling…your tucked shirt starts to work its way out of the top of your pants, and your bump starts to peek out as you struggle to pull your shirt over your growing belly. Or, the shirt you’re wearing under your jumper starts to roll up, creating a ring of linen above your bump. 

Let me introduce you to the bodysuit. The 90s-inspired, off-the-shoulder, lightweight top is made for summer evenings. Pair it with a skirt, a jumper, jeans, or billowing pants, and you have a trendy outfit for a night on the town (aka, dinner, music, and home, in bed, by 9).

The Nursing Sweatshirt

We’re a firm believer that maternity clothes should be able to be worn after giving birth. While yes, your body goes through rapid changes while you’re cooking your little bundle of love in your oven, it’s also true that not every woman’s body bounces right back. In fact, those women who do are in the minority (no shade to you if your body does), but you literally grew a human. So, of course, your body isn’t going to be the same as it was before you got pregnant. 

So, when you find a maternity top that doubles as a post-partum sweatshirt or shirt, you should definitely add it to your wardrobe, especially if you decide to nurse. 

The Botton-Down Beauty

Do you want to dress up a pair of shorts? Are you looking for a coverup that’s lightweight? Or is your style office chic? You can never go wrong with a button-down. Its versatility transcends time and occasions, meaning whatever you’re doing, a button-down is a solid plan. 

But this piece of maternity clothing adds a whole new layer of adaptability. Its billowing fit allows you to wear it as you grow, or throw it over a tank top or even a dress. 

Plus, button-downs double as nursing shirts for those Mamas looking to breastfeed their babies. 

The Laid Back Button Down

Oh, look, another button-down (they really are a must-have for maternity style). But, there are two distinctive categories of the pinnacle of maternity top fashion: professional and casual. This boyfriend-style button-down is ideal for camping or other outdoor activities. 

The breathable yet durable cotton is perfect for beating the summer heat of the day and keeping warm during the crisp summer evenings (ideally, beside a campfire. With s’mores, of course). 

Maternity clothes are cute now, there’s just no doubt about that. No matter your style, there’s something fashionable, trendy and oh so cute to add to your wardrobe this summer season. So, stay cool — literally and figuratively!

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