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How to Find a High-Qualified Tutor

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Everly Tutors

Learning has never been easy for my youngest son. When a family has a child who struggles in school, it can often impact the entire family. My husband and I spend all of our time in the evenings helping our youngest son trying to ‘catch-up,’ and our two oldest children don’t get as much time from us to help them with their homework. I finally made the decision to hire a tutor to help us, so that I can divide my time more equally between all of my children, but then didn’t know where to start with finding a qualified tutor.

Everly Tutoring App

I am a working mom and don’t have time to interview tutors or search job boards looking for the perfect educational professional. That was when my girlfriend told me about a new tutoring app, Everly, that she had used to hire her child’s tutor.

After hearing about the tutoring app, I downloaded the app to my cell phone. Within minutes I was scrolling through a list of qualified tutors complete with the qualifications, and the best part was that I could schedule one of the tutors to come to my house to work with my son. I was able to pick a tutor, select a date/time, and it was scheduled. The on-demand tutoring app is like the “Uber of Tutoring.”

Tips for Finding the Best Tutor

I had hired a tutor named Marion to work with my son on his language arts. She arrived at our house right on time and came prepared with a customized curriculum tailored to my son’s individual needs.

Orange County Tutor from Everly

What I loved about her was that she got down at my son’s level and greeted him nicely. She took some time to get to know him and told him a little bit about herself before jumping right into school work. My son loved that she volunteers as a search and rescue officer in her free time, and they learned that they both have a love for dogs.

How to find a tutor in Orange County

When she started working with him on his learning, she was very patient, kind and boosted his self-confidence. During his first lesson, she did a little assessment to find out his strengths and weaknesses. Then she did some learning exercises with him and left him with a fun learning game to work on until his next session.

Free Hour of Tutoring with the Everly App

It was a great experience, and we can’t wait to have her back to work with my son again in the near future.

If you are looking for a tutor for your child, Everly is the best way to find a high qualified tutor for your child to have a successful one-on-one tutoring experience.

Guess what? If you want to try the Everly tutoring app, your first hour of tutoring is FREE!

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