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Find Out How Prasiolite Is The Best Gemstone For Power, Love Or Wealth

Prasiolite is a rare, beautiful gemstone that is also referred to as Green Amethyst or Lime Citrine. Prasiolite takes its name from the Greek word “prason,” which means leek and “lithos,” meaning stone. 

Prasiolite is created when an amethyst becomes exposed to heat due to volcanic activity, and this mineral undergoes a transformation process from purple to yellow-green. Prasiolite deposits are quite limited, but they can be found in California and Susanville in the USA.

Let’s look into what benefits you can get from this beautiful crystal. 

Great Healer 

Prasiolite is a great healing stone, and it can help cleanse the body of toxins by eliminating stomach acid. 

It is also greatly beneficial in treating tumors growth and blockages and works well to neutralize ulcers. 

Exceptional Luck And Wealth Magnet

Prasiolite is a prosperity stone, and it will attract wealth, fortune and abundance to your life. It also helps you manifest all the goals that you desire with ease and ensures that just not now but always you have a good continuous flow of good fortune.

It will also keep your motivation high when you’re up working on your project and will clear your head so that you can easily spot opportunities that add to your stream of income.

Every day we’re inundated with a lot of information, and we’re bombarded with many ideas. Any input and feedback that we receive causes our heads to feel like they’re foggy and unclear. 

This often happens when our brains are overworked. And this is where prasiolite comes into the equation! Prasiolite can easily eliminate this mental fog by clearing up all your energy channels. 

However, we must keep in mind that the crystal can only help you increase your abundance if you work hard towards your goals rather than slack off.

Plays Cupid In Love And Relationships

Parsiolite will help you to attract the love that you deserve in your life. 

The crystal cannot find your next relationship for you; it simply helps empower your aura to ensure there is enough positivity. When someone does eventually approach you, they might see it and feel drawn toward approaching you themselves.

You can also be true to yourself and your partner by showing your true self-personality. You will not have the self confidence of feeling like your real personality needs to be masked. You will find the one who loves 

How To Use Parsiolite 

Wearing parsiolite, also called emerald green, is recommended because it will keep its energies and vibrations close to your aura field. It’s a beautiful stone that can be purchased from anywhere, and most jewelry stores have beautiful pieces of jewelry made out of this stone in many different styles and types. 

You could wear party light earrings or crystal pendants as it would keep it close to your heart, third-eye and Crown Chakra. By keeping this stone with you, you will be benefiting from it in one way or another. 

Caution: The pale green color could get damaged if you were to keep it under direct sunlight or high temperatures, so make sure not to place it near any heat source like the kitchen or the fireplace; keep it in a box, bag or cabinet!


We hope you can see that parsiolite is a truly phenomenal crystal. Though it’s rare, the benefits provided by the gem are wonderful! We highly recommend getting some for yourself if you’re looking for some loving energy in your life.

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