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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Find your Soul at Soul Cycle

We attended a complimentary class


I came for the cycle and left with the soul!



Soul Cycle, Newport Beach, is the ultimate in-door cycling work out. Not only are the instructors beautiful to look at, but they’re trained to push every muscle in your body and transform your mind to be inspired.



I’ve taken cycle classes before at my local gym, but this experience was beyond my expectations. I found myself dripping sweat in a nightclub like atmosphere with the instructor driving me to pedal harder “left, right, left, right”, it was empowering me to keep going. I know it sounds silly, but somehow in those 45 minutes I had forgotten that I had been late to the office, forgotten that I didn’t de-thaw dinner and forgotten the struggle to even put my yoga pants on. I was cycling like a mad woman and loving every second of it.



Whether you’re looking to de-stress, strengthen your core or for a fun new work out, Soul Cycle is a must. Their Newport Beach studio is located on the bottom floor adjacent to Nordstrom at Fashion Island. Parking is easy, they provide complimentary towels (trust me you’ll need them!), cycle shoes for a small $3.00 fee and a great class offering with times every day, so you’ll have no excuse!



Classes are $30.00 each, but if you purchase in bulk you’ll receive a significant discount. I know the classes may seem a bit steep, but I promise you once you go, your soul will be hooked! With your first class at only $20.00, let’s get you prepped:

  • hydrate the day of
  • rock comfortable work out gear that wicks
  • bring even more water for during your ride
  • arrive 10 minutes early to sign in
  • hit the lockers
  • have one of the co-instructors set you up properly on your bike, very important for safety!

We all want to change something on our body at the end of the day, so why not do it in a group setting to upbeat music and positive mantras…go find your soul at Soul Cycle!


Nicole Downing is a young professional who loves to travel, stay fit and live life to its fullest. Nicole and her husband are proud parents to Waffle, their adorable kitten and one day hope to start a family in their Dana Point home. As a senior visual manager for Tilly’s HQ, she’s on the pulse of fashion, music and pop culture.
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