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Finding the Best Doctor for Your Breast Surgery


One of the best things about making the decision to have your breast surgery at CosmetiCare is that they have the best doctors in the industry. When it came to finding a doctor to have my breast surgery (mastopexy) I did a lot of doctor research. I knew that I wanted to have the best doctor in Orange County, which I quickly learned are all at CosmetiCare, but I also wanted to feel comfortable with the doctor I selected.

I had my first consultation with a nurse at CosmetiCare who talked to me about what I wanted to have done, and we discussed the different options. She was very informative and talked to me about the different types of implants, whether I wanted to have implants or mastopexy, and she talked about the different doctors they have in their practice. Before leaving, she helped me with taking the photos for my New Look Now and was able to create the exact simulation of what I wanted my breasts to look like after my breast surgery.

New Look Now simulation

After my consultation, I went home and spent a lot of time thinking about the procedure. When I knew that I was serious about getting the surgery done, I made an appointment to have a virtual consultation with Dr. Niccole. I was able to talk with him about the surgery options right from the comfort of my home. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Niccole, and he answered all my questions about the breast surgery.

I knew immediately that I wanted to have Dr. Niccole perform my surgery, but I still wanted to have a consultation with another CosmetiCare doctor, Dr. Burr von Maur. Dr. Burr von Maur had done a lot of my friends breasts, and they are always raving about him, so I wanted to meet with him as well. I loved Dr. Burr von Maur just as much as Dr. Niccole, but my heart was telling me to go with my first choice. It was hard to choose between two of the most highly acclaimed plastic surgeons in the industry.

The best thing that I could have done was to have a virtual and in-person consultation. Both of the consultations were different, and I was able to go into my surgery knowing absolutely everything that was going to happen, and I felt 110% comfortable with my choice in having a mastopexy with the perfect implant size.

If you are thinking about having a breast surgery done, I recommend having a virtual consultation first and then coming into CosmetiCare for an in-person consultation. You’ll go into your surgery confident, not fearful, and excited about the new you! Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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