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Finding the Perfect Prom Fashion at Macy’s


Prom is one of the biggest events of a teen’s life. It marks the end of their High School days and is a time that children cherish together before going their separate ways to College. One of the best parts about getting ready for prom is finding the perfect dress.


I remember spending weeks seeking out the perfect dress for my prom. Over the weekend, hundreds of local girls came to Macy’s South Coast Plaza for the 2014 Prom fashion show hosted by the adorable fashion YouTube celebrity, Meredith Foster.




When I first walked in the door, there was not a space to stand on the second floor of the department store. Girls and their parents had been waiting since the store first opened to get an up-close spot to watch the fashion show.



When the lights dimmed, and Meredith Foster took the stage, the entire crowd of girls screamed! They were screaming so loud that Meredith had to leave the stage to have ear plugs put into her ears. The screaming continued as cellphones were raised high in the air with every young girl having high hopes of capturing the perfect picture of the fashion icon.



Fashion is not like it was when I was a teen. Girls now wear designer gowns adorned in jewels and sparkles. The models showed the hottest prom looks during the fashion show as Meredith talked about the details of all their dresses. They were some of the most beautiful gowns, and every dress shown in the fashion show was quickly sold-out after the show.


The first 100 girls who attended the fashion show got a VIP photo and meet-and-greet opportunity with Meredith – it was a dream come true for these 100 girls.



It was a special day for all the Orange County teens who attended the event over the weekend. If you have a child who is going to prom this year, I recommend going to Macy’s to see their wide variety of gorgeous gowns to make your teen sparkle on their special night.


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