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Finding the Right Gift for the MTG Fan in Your Life

We all have our interests, hobbies, and things we’re passionate about, and this is actually a healthy thing. It allows you to detach from your daily stress and grind, and focus on something that relaxes you and makes you happy. If you have a friend that is really into a certain game, it makes life that much easier when it’s time to buy them a gift. Looking for the perfect gift for a diehard MTG fan? Then you are at the right place as we have gathered some smoking hot gift ideas that would make the MTG fan in your life appreciate your efforts for going the extra mile. Magic: The Gathering is undoubtedly a card game that has survived the tests of time and is still at the top in terms of popularity. So whether you want to surprise a master at Yu-Gi-Oh or are an awesome dueller yourself and want to strengthen your deck, we’ve got you covered.

Psyche Goddess Tarot Card

Starter Packs

For a beginner, a starter pack is essential when you are moving through the learning curve. As MTG can be played in a variety of ways guided by different sets of rules, following the standard rules to play will help a new player master the game with ease. It’s even mentioned on MTG’s official website that following the standard format while you build your deck from recent card set releases is the way forward. This format is even followed in tournaments and is a win-win for an MTG fan who has just begun playing. There are a variety of starter packs out there, so hit your nearest store or browse the internet to buy a starter pack that will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. 


Cards are an ideal gift for an MTG player, but selecting one can become an overwhelming task if you have no idea how the card game is played, or don’t know about the person’s playstyle and the cards they already own. Since the card game has been played for at least two generations now, there is a sentimental value attached to the cards. So make sure you know which type of cards would be a great pick. If you are unsure about which cards to choose, read reviews, search relevant marketplaces, and ask an expert that could help you make a choice. 

Cool Playmats

Veteran MTG players and fans never compromise on the way they conduct playing sessions. A pro player will take care of every single detail, starting from the deck to card sleeves and playmats because they want to experience every bit of fun while they play. Gifting a pro-custom-made playmat with their favorite character printed from the MTG franchise will surely make their day. Besides the cool aesthetic of a playmat, it is also useful in holding the cards in place and providing a comfortable area to rest your wrists during those long sessions. 

Booster Boxes

If you are not sure what type of MTG cards to buy, always go for a booster pack as these amazing packs are a must-have for all players. In a card game, booster packs are essential when upgrading the current deck used to play. Remember to select the latest booster packs or get your hands on popular ones as they improve the gameplay experience by many folds. 

Deck Boxes

Depending on the budget, your liking, and the material used to manufacture, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to deck boxes. These colorful, magical, and enchanting boxes can be a perfect gift that will keep their deck safe and ready for action. Besides keeping the cards safe, they prevent the cards from jumbling up, making it easier to play on the go. 

Dice Set

Another crucial item in the MTG card game that is used for several actions like counters, health status, the loyalty of planeswalker, and much more. For a player that gets into the game, a dice set will do wonders as it comes with an attractive dice and a pad where you can keep track of your in-game stats. Furthermore, a gift like this will ease the way MTG is played. So buy a dice set for you or your loved one and say bye to the stacks of papers you always carried to track your game stats.


There are a lot of other things you can gift, like an awesome MTG artwork poster that could be hung on the wall or the all favorite MTG book series, that will leave the MTG fan in your life in amazement. These are our suggestions for the best gifts you could give to an MTG fan to make their day.

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