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Finding the Perfect Fitness Shoes at Endurance House

We visited as a guest of the venue


I love my flip flops. I am rarely spotted around town wearing anything other than flip flops. I’ve hiked in them, traveled with them and spent most of my adult like wearing them. When I was invited on a trip of a lifetime to hike in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I knew that I had to bring a good pair of cross fitness shoes for hiking – but realized I didn’t know where to start when looking for a good pair of tennis shoes to bring with me on my trip. I began asking around to many of my friends, and they all recommended the same place – Endurance House in Laguna Niguel.


I went into the store with my younger son and was immediately greeted by the nicest staff members. They sat down with me and talked with me about what I was looking for in a new shoe and carefully listened to all my concerns with the biggest concern being finding a shoe that was not too heavy and would give me the flexibility I have when wearing flip flops.



Then the shoe buying experience turned into something that I had never quite experienced before. They gave me a light “sample” shoe to wear and then had me walk on the in-store treadmill. While I was walking on the treadmill, they were videotaping my feet, and using software that analyzes my feet.




Once I got off the treadmill, they played the video back and showed me how my one foot turns inward when walking, and the reason so many tennis shoes I have purchased in the past have not been comfortable wearing. By using the special software, they were able to target 2-3 pairs of tennis shoes that will give me the perfect amount of support and comfort that my personal feet needed.


I tried on the recommended shoes and was able to find the best pair of shoes that I have ever worn before in my lifetime. Then I put the shoes to the test when hiking to waterfalls and hidden lakes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on my trip. Everything that the staff at Endurance House had done for me helped me to have the ultimate comfort while hiking on my trip, and allowed me to explore more of the area I was visiting.



Endurance House is much more than a place to find the perfect fitness shoes or workout supplies, but a place where parents and teens can get the most out of their money by getting the appropriate product for their fitness needs. The staff is warm, knowledgeable and the best in the industry. If you’re like me and haven’t been able to find the perfect fitness shoes, then stop into Endurance House to see how they can help with all your fitness needs.


Endurance House is located at 24012 Aliso Creek Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA.

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