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My First CSArts Academy Visual Arts Class

We are proud to be an OCSA family


If you don’t know what OSCA is, then you should definitely do some research! OCSA stands for Orange County School of the Arts, and it is amazing! There are certain things you can apply for to be accepted into OSCA. My brother applied for Culinary Arts & Hospitality and got accepted, and I was so excited for him.


I love photography and drawing, so when I found out there is a category that you can apply for under for visual arts, I freaked out (with excitement.) My parents did some research and figured out that OCSA was holding CSArts Academy classes every Saturday for portfolio preparation for Visual Arts. Once they had signed me up, I was a little nervous about making friends and all, but I soon figured out it wasn’t that hard!


When I first arrived, I was super scared that all of the kids in the class were going to be AMAZING at art, and I was going to be average. When I walked in, I noticed most of the kids were super quiet and were super nervous. Our teacher started us off by dividing us into groups and having us play some ice-breaker games. I then got to know a few students, and they shared some of their OCSA backgrounds with me.


When we were done playing games, it was time to draw! The first thing she had us draw was our hand. She told us that we could draw it in any style we want. Of course, I did the peace symbol. While we were drawing, I noticed a lot of the kids drew just like me. I felt like I fit in perfectly.


After we had finished drawing our hand she had us draw a seashell. The seashell was fairly easy, and most kids were done with it pretty fast. After that came my favorite time… the time where we can draw anything we want. I drew a face and some flowers and ended with the moon.


Once we were done, we had a little time leftover, so we decided to start working on making our portfolio’s. She let us custom design our portfolio’s and let us draw what we want on it. I didn’t quite finish, so I will just finish it up next week. The Visual Arts class is so fun, and I cannot wait until next Saturday!!! Stayed tuned to hear about my second week at the CSArts Visual Arts Academy class.

Ella is the OC Mom Blog tween blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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