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The First Step Towards a Healthier You

We visited as a guest of Hoag

Before I became a wife and mother, I was just a woman. My days were full of schoolwork, my office job, the gym and of course, my honey Jarred. I was spoiled with me time.

When Jarred and I decided to start our family, I was over the moon welcoming my two sons into this world and have been grateful to stay at home with them. Now that they are 3 and 5 years old, I’m constantly asking myself where the time went. Between breastfeeding, no sleep and little exercise in the early years, Jarred and I hardly found time for date nights, let alone time for just me. It remains the same way, even now that my sons sleep through the night and are potty trained, it’s just evolved into other tasks and demands. I’ve never been happier, but definitely have moments when I am feeling overwhelmed and robotic, and let’s face it, have a few breakdowns.

Being a wife and stay at home mom has been endless work and there’s hardly any downtime. Between cleaning, cooking, laundry, and trying to keep up with my sons and their educational needs and overall well being, while also maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband both physically and mentally, I’m exhausted, and I’m spent.

After celebrating my 30th birthday this year, I made myself a promise. I promised to do a better job at taking care of my body, mind, and spirit. If I’m not at my best, how can I be the wife and mom I strive to be? How can I expect so much out of myself when I don’t allow myself to balance out mentally and physically? Everyone needs a break. I’ll never have realistic goals if I don’t schedule myself that break now and then. If you find any of this aligning with you and your life, read on because I found a way to start taking care of you. If you are already a step ahead of me, and take that ‘me’ time, read on too because this is an amazing discovery.

The Hoag for HER center for wellness at the Newport Beach location had a special event last weekend so I decided to carve out some time, and yes it changed my life. The event was focused on HER, health, empowerment and relationships. We had a delicious brunch and tried mini sessions of massage, acupuncture, and Reiki stress relief by certified practitioners. Nothing beats being pampered. Then a few fantastic female Hoag experts discussed a variety of health and wellness topics such as cancer risk reduction and screening guidelines, pelvic health and intimacy concerns and tips on stress reduction and lifestyle changes.

It took me out of this bubble I had been in for years and brought me to this new day where women are putting themselves first. The studies that were discussed regarding intimacy concerns, stress reduction, and lifestyle changes were remarkable and are ingrained in me forever. I’m grateful I attended and was able to walk away with meaningful and practical information.

I’ll share one example, the tips on stress reduction and lifestyle changes blew my mind. All of the information shared at this event was based on real studies by scientists so I was actively listening and really opened myself up to these new ideas and beliefs.

Imagine reframing your brain to believe that stress can build residency; that stress can be enhancing. Imagine having fear turn to excitement, threat turn to ‘this is challenging, but I did it,’ and imagine looking at being overwhelmed as an opportunity to practice hope and trusting yourself. I could tell you a ton of other invigorating and enriching information I took from that event, but truthfully if you take a chance and check this wellness center out, you will give yourself major kudos and will be on your way to a better you.

Imagine a welcoming, peaceful, calming and clean center, with the waterfall sounds in the background, full of other women who are reaching out for quality information and most importantly, the tools they need to take control of their life. Do you want to find ways to enhance your mindfulness, and help balance the paradox of life; life is beautiful but stressful? Are you ready to take control of your life and give yourself a break? Hoag for her center for wellness is your one-stop destination to achieve optimal health and wellness.

This wellness center strives to bring society a chance to reset and recharge among doctors.

Why is this a breath of fresh air? Hoag for her wellness center offers an array of classes and services to help us take that special ‘me’ time that I know most of us put on that back burner. The classes were designed and are taught by doctors and certified instructors. They are small in size so each individual truly has that one on one experience and can reach their goals.

This is not a gym with a lot of other people trying to one-up each other, or a gossiping arena, this is a safe and supportive environment to empower each other and allow ourselves to reset. A place to take care of our body, mind, and spirit.

Hoag has two locations that offer classes, Newport Beach and Irvine. Please do yourself a favor and go to to read the description of classes in depth and register. There is something for everyone! The classes include gentle yoga, restorative yoga with meditation, wellness Pilates, gentle meditation, tai chi, and prenatal yoga. You can pay for the classes individually or purchase a package and yes they are responsibly priced.

The services that are offered are all personalized to your needs. They offer massage therapy, whether you want relaxation, stress reduction, relief from chronic pain or stiff muscles or just time away for yourself; acupuncture and cupping which has been proven to relieve stress and improve depression, anxiety as well as immune function; yoga in an individual session or as part of a class as mentioned above which provides numerous physical and mental benefits; a Pilates program which is the perfect blend of muscle conditioning, stretching, and balance training as well as, meditation and mindfulness where you can learn the tools of meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises to change the landscape of your thinking and start the journey towards a more powerful and happier you.

It doesn’t end there, they also have a get fit program with a personal trainer and nutritionist who will customize a fitness and nutrition program to help you reach your goals in a private and supportive environment. They offer dietician services which can be recommended by your physician to help you make dietary modifications to prevent and manage a variety of conditions and food allergies.

Sex therapy and psychology services are available by a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist who can help you cope with sexual issues and have more comfortable sexual experiences. They specialize in pelvic pain disorders, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum, sexuality and relationships.

Reiki is also offered which I would highly recommend. It is a gentle, holistic technique that uses universal energies to activate the natural healing abilities of the body. A hands-on or hands-off technique will be used to bathe your body in this healing energy, and yes you will be fully clothed during this session.

Hoag for her center for wellness also provides guided imagery and clinical hypnosis which can be used to help you through pain management, preparing for childbirth, cancer treatments, weight release, trauma, and grief. You can also take advantage of their physical therapy sessions which is a one-on-one specialty physical therapy service addressing pelvic pain, bowel and bladder issues, pre and post-natal needs, sexual health, and cancer therapies.

This wellness center offers complimentary personalized consultations with their Wellness Coordinator by calling 949-764-7239. Their website is and can be reached at [email protected] as well.

Thank you to all of the incredible doctors and staff who worked hand in hand to create such an incredible place where women can come together and recharge. I highly recommend looking into attending a Hoag for her center for wellness event or go in for a tour.

Honestly, you won’t catch me without a smile on my face. I am an easy-going wife and super patient stay at home mom, always looking to excite my busy boys with adventurous fun! We love to be outdoors running wild and getting dirty. My boys are pretty rugged, [so as a tom-boy myself], we are the best of friends. We especially love bike riding together, splashing around at the beach and hanging out with those who want to join in on the fun. After starting a family with my childhood sweetheart, Jarred, and becoming a mother to our sons, now 3.5 years old and 18 months old, I was given a purpose in life! I thrive to balance every day, as a sincerely loving wife, mom, sister, aunt and daughter. Family is everything to me.
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