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First-Time Dog Parents: A Few Things To Know Before Your Pooch Arrives

After careful consideration, you’ve decided you want to adopt a dog. Although it may have taken some time to find the right pup to call your own, you and your family are excited for what comes next. As you await the day you can bring your fur baby home, there are a few things you must do to get prepared. While you may know some of the basics, here are some considerations to keep in mind. 

Learn Everything You Can

While the basics of caring for a dog are similar (food, exercise, rest, and companionship), each breed has its own set of needs. To ensure that you’re giving your pup the best care possible, you must learn everything you can about the breed. You want to research things like their personality, temperament, genetic conditions, and special needs. 

Find a Vet

Your dog will need to visit a veterinarian for wellness checkups, shots, preventative care, diagnosis, and treatments. If you haven’t already done so, start searching for qualified professionals in the area. Depending on where you live, you’ll find that there are clinics and hospitals that offer both in-person and online vet services to accommodate your schedule. 

You mustn’t select the first vet you stumble across. You want to ensure that you’ve chosen someone with the educational and professional experience to care for your dog. You also want a pet healthcare facility that offers a plethora of services to meet your dog’s needs. Check online reviews, talk with other pet parents, and schedule a consultation to ask any questions that will help you make an informed decision. 

Dog-Proof Your Home

Much like a newborn baby, your puppy will try to get into everything as it explores the world around them. Ensuring their safety will require you to take precautions. Start by ensuring that your house is clean and free of choking hazards. You should also keep things that you don’t want to be chewed up out of your dog’s reach. Lastly, if there are areas of your home where your dog shouldn’t access, place safety gates to keep them out. 

Crating Is Necessary

The idea of allowing your dog to sit in a crate might feel like cruel and unusual punishment. On the contrary, it’s a necessary practice. Crating helps to teach your dog about self-isolation during certain times of the day. This method reduces issues of separation anxiety. It also prevents your home from being damaged when you’re not there. Ensure that you have a large enough crate prepared before you bring your pet home. 

Chew Toys and Stuffed Animals

Another way to ensure your dog doesn’t chew on things they shouldn’t is to purchase a few toys and teething products in advance. That way, when they’re teething, they have something of their own to destroy. Do some online research to determine which toys and treats are safest for your puppy to avoid choking hazards or other issues down the road. 

Develop a Routine

Your new puppy will need routines to develop structure and discipline. You must create a routine that works for you and your family. Sit down and determine the best times for walks, park visits, feedings, and grooming. Enlist members of your household to pitch in with the responsibilities if necessary. 

Car Safety

The last step to preparing for the arrival of your puppy is getting your car in order. While the crate will work for the first day, when traveling with your dog, you must ensure their safety. Allowing them to roam freely in the car could cause an accident. So, shop for a safety seat or seat belt system for dogs to keep them secure. 

While you don’t have to paint the nursery and invest in furniture, preparing for a new puppy is much like awaiting the arrival of a baby. This new addition to your family will need all the love, care, and companionship it can get to live a long, happy, and healthy life. As long as you’ve taken care of the following, you and your family are ready to welcome them into your home and hearts forever. 

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