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Five Best Drama Series to Binge-Watch

Drama Series to Binge Watch
Do you binge-watch shows? For me and my husband, it all started with the show “Lost.” We started with one episode, and then we quickly found ourselves staying up until the wee hours of the night trying to get caught up in the series. After the finale of “Lost,” we quickly jumped into a plethora of drama series. Staying up late together on a weeknight has quickly become one of our favorite things to do together as a couple. With the news of one of our favorite drama series, Revenge getting canceled – I thought it was a perfect time to share these five best drama series to binge-watch after the kids have gone to sleep. Start popping your popcorn and get ready to stream these awesome drama series with your Verizon FiOS service.

If you haven’t seen an episode of this hot ABC series – then now is the time. The series will have you on the edge of your seat as Emily Thorne attempts to get revenge on the family that destroyed her life. The first seasons are the best, and you’ll never expect what’s coming next.

Breaking Bad
When we first started watching this series, I have to admit that I thought it was boring. With our friends insisting that it would pick-up…we kept on watching. I would say that about the end of the first season is when you’ll finally understand why everyone keeps talking about how great this drama series is.

The Americans
I’ll be honest that I did not expect to like this series but within just one episode I was hooked. The FX series has taken us on a roller coaster adventure with two Russian spies that raise a family by day, and kills people by night. You’ll get to see what it was like to work undercover for the KGB…or what some might think it was like.

Another great ABC series that has viewers binge watching across the Country. Olivia Pope is the Presidents lover and also works for him as an advisor. During the series, you’ll go on an epic ride as their relationship unfolds. It’s not just about her relationship with the President but also how her and her team of “gladiators” do their best to fight for justice (and maybe kill a few people along the way).

Once Upon a Time
It is a series that you don’t necessarily have to wait until the kids have gone to bed in order to start watching. Our teenager has become just as hooked as us when watching this highly popular ABC series. You’ll get a whole new look at the untold stories of your favorite fairytale characters. The series is packed full of drama, excitement and lots of twists and turns. We are only into season two, and can’t wait to spend the summer getting caught up in this popular series.

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