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Five Best Features of Club Penguin

As I sit here in the airport getting ready to board my plane for the Club Penguin Summit in Canada, I keep thinking about all the great memories I have had with my children over the years playing the online game. It got me thinking about my five favorite things about the game Club Penguin.


I know that many parents are fearful about allowing their children to play online games, and have concerns about whether it is safe for their children. Club Penguin was the first online game that I allowed my children to play. Since the first day that my children created their penguin, Club Penguin has provided one of the safest online playing environments for my children. My biggest concern about allowing my children to begin playing the game was the ability for my children to chat with other penguins. While playing the game along side with my children, I have seen the Club Penguin moderators keeping a watchful eye on the community to ensure that it continues to be the safest online playground for children. With the parent control panel, I am also able to disable this option of play in the game for my children.

Another great feature about Club Penguin is the snow ball fights, especially during the holiday season. My kids and I could toss snow balls at each other for hours while giggling and laughing together during the game. I know it sounds silly that kids would find so much joy in having their penguin toss a snow ball in the game, but it is truly an exciting part of the game.

What child does not like pizza? Three years ago, the neighborhood kids crowned me the pizza champion. All the kids on the street would gather around to see how far I could go in the pizza game. Then Club Penguin decided to add dessert pizzas, and the game got even better. When waddling your penguin around Club Penguin, make sure and visit the pizza store to play this fun game.

Puffles..Puffles..and more puffles! My youngest sons favorite part of the game are the Puffles. Playing with his Puffles in the game has helped him to learn how to care for his animals in our home. When he does not feed and care for his Puffles in the game, they run away from his igloo. This has encouraged him to take an active role in caring for the pets in our family. Not only are the Puffles cute, but they are fun to walk around with, play games with and watch them do silly tricks.

Finally, children are able learn many skills in the various parts of the game. Children can participate in missions that can help them to use many different skills. They will use decision making, problem solving, and use critical thinking skills. Children can also use self-expression skills by dressing their penguins and furnishing their igloos.

We look forward to learning more about how the makers developed the game, and how they uphold such a safe online world for children at The Club Penguin Summit tomorrow. Follow us along live at the summit on Twitter under the hashtag #ClubPenguinSummit, or stay tuned for more information on the site.

Disclosure: We are attending a press event in Canada for the Club Penguin Summit. We were not compensated for this post. All of our thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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  1. Awwwwwwn love it! I agree with you! And adding one more topic I loooove the Club Penguin characters too! They’re funny and help us a lot and when we find them in the game it’s like meeting a celebrity!

    From your penguin friend,
    Grande Yoda

  2. I agree! 😀

    ~Perapin 🙂

  3. Club Penguin is awesome because they have penguins like us, lol. :$

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