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Five easy ways to toddler-proof your home (that you might not have thought of!)

Fostering Emotional Intelligence

All of us parents are constantly being torn each and every way, whether we have one or two little ones running around. We’re constantly trying not to get things broken, trying to calm our little one’s curiosities to not ripping things apart just to see how it works- or just because they like the sound it makes. Either way, here are some alternatives to things that you need in your day-to-day life that can easily get broken when raising a toddler:

download and stream movies

We’ve all got some hard copy movies that we just can’t bear to part with. I, for one, have the very nice extended version of Lord of the Rings, and I wouldn’t want a little toddler getting their fingers all over it! I would store it away and get it back out when the little one was older, to stop any accidents from happening. DVDs snap easily, and I wouldn’t want my little one to get hurt by sharp edges, or for my DVD to get broken.

use contact lenses instead of glasses

As someone who needs glasses and cannot see without them, I would heavily suggest getting contact lenses instead of glasses. Glasses, if snatched off your face or fall off somewhere unpleasant, can break so easily! And if you need them for daily life, this can get frustrating. Premium UV contact lenses are easy to store and are comfortable, so you won’t need to worry about them falling off your face and into a toddler’s grasp.

use plastic cutlery and dinnerware instead of ceramic cups and plates

Cups, plates, and glass – all of these things break so easily, and when they do, it can be dangerous and painful. Especially for a little one who carries it around with them everywhere they go. So plastic cups and plates are an excellent way to avoid this. You can keep them for when they are older and get them out for picnics!

store things in containers, not in their bags

This not only stops spillages and pests but also stops little hands getting into packets and leaving them open! They’re also sturdy and easily stackable, so storing them shouldn’t be difficult. It also helps you see how much of an ingredient you have left – so they’re extra handy!

download books instead of having them on the shelves

Of course, the little ones can have their own books, but you wouldn’t want to have something spilled on yours during playtime or for them to be ripped up and doodled all over when you have your back turned! It’s also easier to have them in one place, so they’re very easily accessible.

These are some adjustments you can make when toddler-proofing your home. Most of them you might want to keep for after your little one is grown up, as it may be easier to take care of and organize!

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