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Five Father’s Day Grilling Gift Ideas

Five Father's Day Grilling Gift Ideas

Still wondering what to get for Father’s Day? Surfas in Costa Mesa has some of the best gift ideas for the dad who loves to grill. Surprise your dad with one of these five Father’s Day Grilling gift ideas from Surfas Culinary District.


Camerons Unique Chicken Beeroaster – $13.75
Perfect for chicken on the grill. Fill the roaster with fresh herbs, citrus fruits and Dad’s favorite beer for moist tender chicken.


Hamburger Press – $10.99
The ultimate simple fix to avoid over cooking hamburgers the hamburger press makes each burger the same size and saves time. As an added plus, the press is adjustable so you can make your ideal burger every time.


Dynamite – $13.39
This Calabrian hot pepper paste is a spicy, hot and delicious condiment that adds zest to your favorite meats, pasta, vegetable, soups, eggs, bruschetta’s and pizzas. The explosive packaging makes it ideal for gift giving.


Taylor Instant Read Pocket Thermometer – $17.05
An instant read thermometer ensures the most delicious, fully cooked foods. This model is built for the commercial kitchen; it is tough, and can withstand a 10’ drop. The thin tip takes the internal temperature of foods with a smaller hole and a minimal loss of juices!


Camerons Gourmet Cedar Wraps – $6.99
These paper thin sheets of cedar wrap around small food items for a great cedar smoky flavor.

All of these grill master gifts can be make into a wonderful gift basket by the talented staff at Surfas.

Surfas is located at 3309 Hyland Avenue in Costa Mesa. They are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

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