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Five Favorite TV Moms of 2015

Five Favorite TV Moms of 2015It was a great year of television in 2015 and women were ruling the networks this year with their stellar performances as moms. When it came to thinking about who were the best TV moms of 2015, we asked some of our OC Mom writers to share their favorite TV moms of 2015.


Jessica Huang
Fresh off The Boat (ABC)

Constance Wu does an incredible job playing the role of Jessica Huang in the ABC Television Series “Fresh off the Boat.” She is Shelby’s favorite TV mom because, “She is hilarious, authentic, and a mom that I feel that almost all of us can relate too at times in our life.”


Frankie Heck
The Middle (ABC)

Patricia Heathen is known for playing some of the best moms in the history of television, and she doesn’t disappoint fans with her role as Frankie Heck in The Middle. She plays a supermom to three children and as our writer, Chantile said, “she is funny, real and down to earth.”


Claire Dunphy
Modern Family (ABC)

Modern Family is one of the most well-known family television series for 2015 with Claire Dunphy portrayed by Julie Bowen being an all-time favorite. She is also a top choice of our writer Dawn Maltin, who said, “She is funny, says stuff we as moms think and she parents the kids on the show in a way that makes it relatable especially with parents of teens/tweens.”

Elizabeth McCord

Elizabeth McCord
Madam Secretary (CBS)

A favorite TV Mom of 2015 is Tea Leoni, who plays Elizabeth McCord. What does Colleen think of Elizabeth McCord? “She is a Mom, who allows her children to find their own path. I like the way she lets go and steps back when her children are in turmoil and knows eventually things will work out for her offspring. Her mother instincts kick in and she TRUSTS….and things take care of themselves! She doesn’t SWEAT IT!…Mistakes are our teaching board! And she empowers her daughter with the attitude that any person can achieve success, through hard work and commitment–regardless of gender. Calm, cool and collect.”


Kristina Braverman
Parenthood (NBC)

While we were all shedding tears during the finale of Parenthood, Monica Potter did an incredible job portraying the mom of an autistic child, and she was one of our favorite TV moms of 2015.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for these TV Moms in 2016. Get caught up with previous episodes and watch the new season with Verizon FiOS service.

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