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Five Fun Facts about making ‘The Boxtrolls’

We attended events as a guest of Laika

Photo courtesy of Laika

Photo courtesy of Laika

Your children will get to explore the magical underground world where the Boxtrolls live in theaters on September 26th. The film is unique compared to most animated children’s films. When learning about the film over the past couple of months, I learned five fun facts for families to share with their children about the upcoming film “The Boxtrolls.”


Photo courtesy of Laika

The film is a stop-motion film, meaning that the animators personally had to move the actual characters inside of a live set for every second while filming the movie. That means that they would have to remove and replace a new face on the characters for every second to make them talk or show facial expressions.


Photo courtesy of Laika

How long does it take to make a stop-motion film? When making “The Boxtrolls” it typically took an animator one week to complete 3.7 seconds of footage, which is just under 90 frames. Try not to blink when watching the film, because you’ll not want to miss any seconds of the animators hard work.


Photo courtesy of Laika

All of the characters, sets, props and costumes were handmade by talented artists.

It is all of the beautiful handmade tiny props that made me fall in love with the film. There were more than 20,000 props handmade for the movie. When it came to the cheese props in the film, there were 55 different sculpts of prop cheese created.

photo courtesy of Laika

photo courtesy of Laika

Not only are the props incredibly detailed in the film, but so are the costumes. There are 14 different fabrics used to make the white hat that Lord Portley-Rind wears in the film. The smallest costume made was for Eggs as a baby. The sweater measured 3.5″ from cuff to cuff across the length of both arms and chest, and the socks measured 5/8″ long.


photo courtesy of Laika

Art comes to life for your children in the film “The Boxtrolls.” Don’t miss seeing this magical film in theaters on September 26th.

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