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Five Fun Facts About the Making of Monsters University

Monsters University

Monsters University is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray combo pack tomorrow, October 29th. Monsters University is one of my kids all-time favorite films of the year. I had a unique opportunity to learn about all of the different parts of the making of this film before it was released in theaters. Getting to learn about all the details that went into the film is what made the film grow so close to my heart. These are some fun facts that I learned about the making of Monsters University.

Was the sequel always supposed to be about Mike and Sulley going to college? Director, Dan Scanlon, wanted the film to be “Monsters University” from the beginning. The film has a lot of observations from his youth. “It takes me back to being that age when you’re becoming an adult, becoming self-aware and realizing that maybe you’re not great at everything. You experience failure for the first time in the bigger unprotected world of college or wherever life takes you,” said Scanlon.

The making of this film brought in some of the most talented animators, directors and filmmakers. When working on the storyline for “Monsters University,” the creative leadership team, aka “the brain trust,” hosted many brainstorming sessions. They invited some of Pixar’s best storytellers to help with the film including several members of the “Monsters, Inc.” team. It was in these meetings that they created the incredible story of “Monsters University.”

With the film, “Monsters University,” most viewers are going to know how the story is going to end. “You don’t know how they got there. So it’s the journey that really matters, an idea that ultimately underscores the whole movie,” said Kelsey Mann, story supervisor. The producer, Kori Rae said, “it’s insanely difficult to create a story that isn’t predictable – that has twists and turns that are not expected and surprising. The story team really dug deep and developed details about these characters and created a fun, yet emotional plot that audiences will never see coming.”

One of the themes of the film that came out early in the storytelling process was that when one door closes, another door opens. “Doors were so central to the first film visually, so this idea really stood out. We realized that the main message in so many movies – especially this for kids – is, ‘If you try hard enough and believe in yourself, you can do anything!’ And that’s not a bad message, but it’s not always truthful,” said the director of “Monsters University,” Pete Docter. This part of the storyline is what makes the film so relatable to everyone who sees the film.

Art was one of my children’s favorite characters in the film. When making the film the Director, Dan Scanlon said, “We couldn’t quite figure out who he was and in not figuring him out, we found him. He ended up being one of our favorite characters because he could be so bizarre.” The bizarre aspect to this character is what my children loved the most about him.

“Monsters University” will be on DVD and Blu-ray starting tomorrow, October 29th. The film features the voice talent of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and more!

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