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Five Healthy Simple Freezer Recipes


One of the most important things that parents can do for their children to help keep them healthy is to provide a healthy and nutritious diet rich with high-quality fresh food.

Shelby and Andrew Cooking

One of my favorite brands to serve to my children is from The Dole Food Company. Not only do they provide some of the best food available, but they also care about their customers. We all understand that this is a scary and very uncertain time. Parents need resources to help keep their children’s brains not only fueled by healthy food but also busy with healthy activities that The Dole Food Company is offering a rich at-home resource website.

Dole Ice Cream Recipe

My favorite part of the website is simple and delicious recipes. I found five of my favorite simple freezer recipes that I highly recommend parents making at home for their children. My five favorites are:


Frozen Sweet Potato Lasagna

Make-Ahead Frozen Brrr-eakfast Bites

Make-Ahead Frozen Brrr-eakfast Sandwiches

Dole Smoothie Recipe

Dole Berry-Banana Fro-Whip

I love making this for my kids when they are done with their distant learning. What I love about this recipe is that you can easily mix it up with what fresh fruit you have in your home. This week, I made it using Dole bananas, strawberries, and oranges. I added a little bit of strawberry yogurt, and it was the perfect refreshing afternoon snack.


Frozen Banana Split Cups


Hawaiian Style Turkey Sliders

Along with fantastic recipes, there are many activities for kids. There are free printables, coloring pages, and activity pages featuring fruits and vegetables to help encourage children to want to eat healthily.

Parents can learn more about how to support healthy immune systems for their children by reading some of the informative articles. The articles feature tips for nutrition experts to help parents with providing their children with the healthiest lifestyle possible during this time.

Andrew Cutting Carrots

For those who love (and miss) Disney, there are many Disney-themed activities and recipes available through the resource website. My favorite being the DIY Dole Whip and the D-Olaf Orangesicle pancakes that my children get excited about every time that I make for them.

Make this time at home fun with your children by making nutrition-based foods using Dole produce, and create memories together that will last a lifetime by enjoying one of the many kid-friendly activities found through the resource site. The Dole Food Company says it best, “Be well and take care of each other.”

Learn more about The Dole Food Company Online, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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