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Five Must-Have SOLO: A Star Wars Story Toys

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The highly-anticipated time has come for SOLO: A Star Wars Story to be added to your home movie collection. Not only will you want to get the movie to enjoy in your home for years to come, but also stock up your kid’s playroom with these five must-have SOLO: A Star Wars Story toys.

Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie

Chewbacca (“Chewie” to his best pals) is famous as Han Solo’s loyal friend and co-pilot – and now the Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie figure can be kids’ trusted companion in adventure, wherever their imagination takes them! This amazing interactive plush friend features 100+ sound-and-motion combinations, responds in the Wookiee language, and reacts whenever he’s in motion – sometimes in surprising ways! Kids will love their favorite Wookiee’s fun facial expressions and the way he responds when they talk to him (he laughs, roars, and even snores!). He’ll often raise his arms as he roars… and make contented sounds when he gets a friendly scratch on the head. This furry best friend is always ready for the next mission, big or small!

• Includes figure, bandolier with satchel, and instructions.

• Interactive plush Chewie figure is the ultimate sidekick for kids who love imagining their own intergalactic adventures
• 100+ sound-and-motion combinations, including arm-raising roars
• He reacts whenever he’s in motion (sometimes in surprising ways), and responds in the Wookiee language when he’s spoken to
• Fun facial expressions

• Ages 4 and up
• 4 x 1.5v AA alkaline batteries required. Demo batteries included.

Chewbacca Electronic Mask

Open wide and listen to the trademark roars of the galaxy’s most trusted friend and loyal ally, Chewbacca.

High-quality sound and clear output re-creates the symphonic balance between the temper of a mighty Wookiee warrior and a loyal, trusted friend with a heart as big as the Millenium Falcon he co-pilots with best friend, Han Solo. Just a breath unleashes the mighty roar of faithful first mate Chewbacca during high adventures through the twisting fortunes of a galaxy in turmoil.

A customizable fit not only allows for the perfect face off with the First Order, it keeps Chewbacca talking with those distinctively special Wookiee sounds that echo over many moons! Wherever imagination and adventure may lead, do it the Wookiee way with this Star Wars Episode VII Chewbacca Electronic Mask.

New adventures as iconic identities make for out-of-this-world fun with the Star Wars role-play toy series collection! (Additional items sold separately.)

Star Wars: Han Solo Card Game

The Han Solo Card Game is inspired by the legendary card game from the Star Wars Universe. Players try to score as close to zero as they can with their cards in order to collect the most cardboard tokens. bounty tokens. The player whose tokens add up to the highest value at the end of the game wins.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story Nerf Glowstrike Han Solo Blaster

Enter a galaxy of adventure and imagination with Star Wars toys (each sold separately)! This incredible saga of good versus evil in a galaxy far, far away includes some of the greatest heroes and villains of all time. With Star Wars Nerf blasters, Star Wars fans can imagine being a favorite character from the saga. Take aim with these dart-firing blasters, and recreate exciting scenes from the films, television series, books, and games. May the Force be with you!

Star Wars Force Link 2.0 Mission on Vandor-1 3.75-inch Figure 4-Pack

Bring the galaxy to life with Force Link! Recreate the adventures of a galaxy far, far away with Force Link, an interactive play system from Hasbro that gives kids the sound effects and phrases from the Star Wars movies right in the palms of their hands! Wear Force Link wearable technology to activate lights, sounds, and phrases in Force Link-activated figures, accessories, vehicles, and playsets! With Force Link, kids can bring their favorite Star Wars adventures to life! (Requires Force Link wearable technology. Available in Starter Set. Sold separately.) Starter set, figures, and vehicles each sold separately.

Your family can enjoy watching the movie now digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and on Movies Anywhere, and then bring the adventure home on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand on Sept. 25th!

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