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Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Having Liposuction

I am a CosmetiCare Ambassador

The doctors at CosmetiCare had recommended that I have liposuction when having my mastopexy (breast lift) done. I thought that after having my breasts done that I would lose the weight on my own, but unfortunately, I did not, and I made the decision to have liposuction done at the end of last year.

Like most women, I had some hesitation about having liposuction done, and so I had multiple consultations with the doctors at CosmetiCare where I asked every possible question I could think of, making me feel 100% comfortable with proceeding with having the surgery done.

These are five of the most important questions that I would recommend asking the doctors at CosmetiCare before having liposuction done.

1. How long is the recovery time?
It is an important question because you’ll want to plan for your children’s care, household responsibilities and if you work – how long to take time off.

2. What are my limitations after the surgery?
One of my favorite things about having liposuction done was that I could not do any heavy lifting or household chores for many weeks following the surgery. I made sure that my husband and teenagers were in the office when asking this question, so they had no excuse to get out of helping around the house while I recovered.

3. What will the pain be like?
It is going to be different for everyone, but this question starts a meaningful conversation between you and your doctor about pain medication and management following your surgery.

4. What do I need to prepare before surgery?
The doctors at CosmetiCare recommended that I have no alcohol or take any medication that could thin my blood for six weeks before surgery. They also helped to make arrangements for my pain medication before my surgery so that I had everything I needed when coming home from the surgery center.

5. How long will the swelling and bruising last?
It was a question that I did not ask, and I wish that I had. The bruising will be different for each person, but I bruise easily and had a large amount of bruising following my surgery. With swelling, it took me at least six weeks to start to see the results, and I am still seeing the swelling coming down.

If you’re thinking of having liposuction done, make an appointment by calling (949) 238-6133. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100 (discount cannot be combined with any other offers).

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