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Five Reasons to Love The Power Rangers

We are a proud Power Ranger Parent

I loved Power Rangers as a kid, and I love that my kids share the same love for the show that I grew up watching. Power Rangers is not just an action-adventure show but one that families of all ages can enjoy watching together. These are my five reasons to enjoy watching Power Rangers with your children.

Team Work
No matter what the Power Rangers come across they always stick together. Children will learn about the importance of teamwork and supporting their friends while watching the series.

Friendship is an important part of a child’s growth and development. The Power Rangers are friends to the end, and encourage children to show kindness toward one another. When they are not protecting the world, they are busy playing games, and spending quality time together. The Power Rangers encourage children to foster strong friendships and relationships.

The Power Rangers are set on protecting the world and share their strong leadership skills with children who watch the show. Leadership skills are essential for children to learn, and through the Power Rangers, kid’s can gain the confidence they need to be a leader in their own life.

While it might be easy to give up on something, the Power Rangers never give up. No matter what obstacle they come across they never quit and keep pushing further. Your children will be inspired to never give up on their dreams and stay committed to what they believe in with inspiration from the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers are regular kids by day and superheroes by night. The team is courageous in trying to defeat evil so that kindness can prevail.


The Power Rangers Dino Charge is a show that everyone in your family will enjoy and learn from while watching. It is on Nickelodeon on Saturday mornings at 12/11c. I guarantee that after just one episode that it will be favorite of your kid’s for many years to come.

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