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Five Reasons to See Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”- in Theaters TODAY

Disney The Lone Ranger 1

Like many of you, we have been looking forward to seeing Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”.  This week we got our wish and attending a media screening of the much anticipated film…and bring you our five reasons to see “The Lone Ranger”.

A Classic Story…Told in a New Way

Many of us have our own memories of The Lone Ranger and Tonto and will appreciate that the story is modernized while still staying true in many ways to the classic story and characters that originated in the late 1930’s.  I imagine that for some it may veer too far off from the original, but it also veers enough to make the story current for young generations.  Maybe it will cause some researching to be done to learn more about the original story and perhaps people will simply enjoy this new twist for the entertainment that it is.

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