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Five Summer Movies to Beat the Summer Heat


Leisure time for children
We are officially 1/2 way through summer, and the temperatures are heating up around Southern California. One way to help beat the scorching summer heat is to take a mid-afternoon break and enjoy watching a summer show with your children. With most Fall programming taking a summer break, these are five summer movies that will help keep your kids entertained while escaping the sweltering summer heat.

Teen Beach 2
It is one summer movie that your kids will never get tired of watching. The one thing that I personally love about this summer movie is that it gets the kids up off the couch and dancing along with Chee Chee, Mac, and Brady. After watching the movie, take the kids for an afternoon swim in the pool or hit one of our local beaches.

This heart-warming movie is perfect for a quiet afternoon. The movie encourages friendship, love, caring, and kindness. Oh and Tip go an adventure of trying to get Tip home. It is good for children of all ages and is just one of the sweetest movies ever made.

Another great Disney Channel movie, Descendants, premieres tonight on the Disney Channel. Teens will finally get to meet the children of the most popular Disney Villains in this highly anticipated original movie.

Everyone loves Paddington, and his feature movie is just as sweet as him. Paddington is looking for a home and stumbles upon a family who will love him forever. The movie is full of love, laughter, and loyalty.

Curious George Back to the Jungle 3
It doesn’t matter how old my kids get, they never seem to get tired of Curious George. The silly little monkey gets launched into space, and then falls back to Earth in the middle of a jungle. Can the man with the yellow hat find him? You’ll have to watch it with your kids to find out.

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