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Five Tips for Managing Your Teens Cellular Data



Ever since we gave our teenage son a cell phone, we seem to get a message from Verizon to notify us that he has reached his cellular data limit within the first couple of days of his billing cycle. It has been a challenging battle until recently doing some research on how to help him with managing his cellular data.

The most important thing that I recommend for parents of teenagers is to have the free Verizon cellular data notifications set-up. You can select the level of notification that you want and have the notification sent to a Verizon cellular number or email. What we have found very helpful with our teenager is to have the notifications set-up to let him know when he is 1/2 out of data, and once again before he completely runs out. We have the notifications set-up to notify him and us, so we are all on the same page as to the status of his data.

Have consequences. The most important tool that we have implemented with our teenager managing his data is adding consequences. He wants to have his cell phone and if we get a notification that he is about to use all of his data then he has to turn the cellphone into us until the start of his next billing cycle. Yes, he has gotten pretty mad at us about losing his phone for a couple of weeks, but the next month he did a much better job of managing his data.

Encourage your teen to connect to wifi’s vs. using data. In the beginning, my son would always use his data even when we were in a restaurant that had free wifi. Because of our constant reminders, he is now very conscious about always checking for a wifi before using his cellular device to go online.

Set-up strict family cell phone rules. We have added rules where our teenager has specific times in which he can use his cell phone and has to turn it into us at 7 pm. By not allowing him 24/7 access to his cellular device, it has helped with managing his data usage.

Communication..Communication..Communication is key in helping your child to manage their cellphone data. Have continual open conversations with them about their cell phone and share with them tips/tricks on how to not reach their maximum amount of usage each month.

Do you have a tip for helping teens to manage their cellphone data? Share with us in the comments below…

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