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Five Tips for Picking the Best Summer Camp


The weather is heating up, and it is time to start thinking about planning your kids summer camps for the year. Thinking about summer camp for my kids has always been a challenge for me. The only summer camp that I attended as a child was Camp Sherman with the Girl Scouts. Since my mom was a troop leader, it ended up being more like a small mother/daughter vacation with my friends. Although, I want for my kids to experience something that I never did as a child, I cannot help but want them to spend as much time with me while they are off for summer break. Every year, I set-out to plan great summer camps for my kids, and every year I end up keeping them home with me for the entire summer.

Whether looking for a day camp or an overnight camp like the Catalina Island Camp, doing research into what camp is best for your child will make for an enjoyable experience that your children will never forget. These are five tips for picking the best summer camp for your children.

Do your research. There are camps to match every child’s passion. From science camps to fashion camps, there is a camp to match every child’s different personality. Taking the time to find the best camp for your child will ensure a good experience for your child.

Check to see if the camp is accredited. All camps that are accredited by the American Camp Association are qualified to be a good place to send your children for the summer. These camps offer a safe and secure environment for your children.

Ask lots of questions. Find out what the camp to student ratio is the kids daily routine, the screening process for hiring camp counselors and the camp directors qualifications. It is also important to ask what background checks the staff undergoes, before being hired at a camp.

Ask your friends. Talking to your friends about what camps their children have attended can be beneficial when picking a summer camp for your children. Other parents can offer insight on their children’s experience and help to decide if that camp they attended is a good fit for your children.

Select a camp that is best for your child’s age. A lot of summer camps have recommendations for age groups making it easier for parents to select the best camp. If your children are younger, a shorter camp day may be better than a full-day camp.

This summer, I am thinking about sending my children to their first overnight summer camp. I have been doing a lot of research on what is the best overnight camp, and the Catalina Island Summer Camp offers a wide variety of activities and education that children can enjoy while away from home.

Whatever camp you choose, giving your children time to socialize and grow with other children will help to give your children the skills they need to succeed in life.

We have been entered to win a summer camp experience for one of our children with Catalina Summer Camps. Photo copyright © searagen and cannot be used without permission.

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