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Five Tips to Getting Healthier in the New Year


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Every New Year, it is the same thing. So many of us are looking for new ways to be healthier, and many of us resort to crash (or extreme) diets. Getting healthier in the New Year doesn’t have to mean resorting to extreme diet tactics but focusing on your overall health including your mind, body, and soul. These are five simple tips for getting healthier and #StartSmart2016 in the New Year.

Stay Active
Staying active is key to maintaining a healthy body. Instead of driving your kids to the park, try walking. One of my favorite ways to ensure that my entire family stays active is by going for a nightly walk together after dinner. It not only maintains a strong family foundation but also keeps us active. Parents can also track their activity using a monitoring device like the Misfit Shine.

Stay Rested

Sleep is more important to our overall health that we think. Getting a good night’s sleep helps us to be more alert and helps our body to metabolize our food better. It can be challenging as a parent with young children to get a full eight hours of rest every night, but if the kids keep you up at night, try and sleep when they are napping to ensure your body gets the rest that it needs.

Stay Hydrated
Hydration is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you’re getting, at least, eight glasses of water into your body every day to ensure that your body stays hydrated. You’ll not only feel better when hydrated but also have better skin, hair and nails.

Stay Balanced
The most important thing to living a healthy lifestyle is to eat a balanced diet Instead of going on a crash diet, try and implement healthier items into your family diets. Try incorporating healthy food choices available at Albertsons/Safeway-owned stores such as Simply Orange, Fairlife Milk, and Odwalla Smoothies.

Stay Focused
Make personal and family goals at the start of the year. Write these goals down on a piece of paper, and keep them in a place where they are visible. Look at your goals daily to ensure that your family stays focused on creating new habits to adopt healthy new behaviours.

We have some exciting news. Save your receipt! By purchasing Fairlife milk, Simply Orange, or Odwalla products at your local Albertsons or Safeway stores by March 24, 2016, you can enter for a chance to win 1 of 1000 Misfit Shine Fitness + Sleep Monitors. Find our more information online.

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