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Five Tips to Help Your Teen with Invisalign Treatment

Kids Invisalign Treatment is sponsored by Invisalign

Teens who have had Invisalign Treatment

The first thing that I did when my teens started their Invisalign treatment, was to help educate them on best practices. Plus, I was lucky to have the help of their amazing orthodontist, Dr. Passamano in Irvine who also gave them tips when starting their treatment.

These are our five tips to help your teen with starting Invisalign Treatment

Kids Smiling because of their Invisalign Treatment

Create a kit for on-the-go care

Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a tiny mirror, and lip balm.

Personalize their aligner case

Let their personality shine with stickers, sequins, markers, and more! Let your teen unleash their creativity with their aligner case.

Put new aligners in at night.

This is something I wish that that I started with my kids at the beginning of their treatment. When they first switch aligners, there can sometimes be a slight discomfort. By having them do it at night vs the day, helps them to avoid a rough day.

Track Progress with the My Invisalign App

With the app, you can snap pictures of their smile, get reminders to change aligners, and more.

Finally, keep smiling.

I have never seen my kids smile as much as they have since starting their Invisalign treatment. In addition, as a busy working mom, I love that they barely need to go into the orthodontist. With treatment, parents don’t have to worry about brackets coming off or weekly adjustments.

Further more, recommend reminding your teens to put their aligners into their case at restaurants vs in a napkin. There have been many times that my kids have left their aligners wrapped in a napkin in a local restaurant.

Speak to a trained Doctor to Learn More

Not sure what your options are? Get all the information you need from an Invisalign-trained orthodontist.

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  1. Absolutely spot on tips. Invisalign works great but for kids extra care is needed. Gets expensive quick if lost.

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