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Five Tips for Planning an Ultimate Backyard Campout

Five tips for planning a backyard campout.jpg

One of our favorite summer activities is to have backyard campout with the kids. They are always so much easier than traditional camping, and the kids are always asking to do it again. Want to plan a backyard campout with your kids? Don’t know where to start? These are a few fun tips to help get you started with planning a campout in your backyard this summer.

First you are going to need a tent. Don’t have a tent? Don’t worry! Before we purchased a tent, we would create our own backyard tent. Head over to the Home Depot or Costco, and load up the car with cardboard boxes. Spend the afternoon building your own backyard tent out of the cardboard boxes. Once it is done being created, cover all the cracks with towels and blankets for insulation.


Make it a movie and sleepover night! You don’t need a fancy outdoor movie projector, but simply a portable DVD player or even just your laptop. Haul an extension cord from the house into the outdoor tent, and snuggle together as a family over a bowl of popcorn and your kids favorite movie. It always makes it extra special to show the kids a new movie, and families can get the hottest film release for under $2 at the Red Box inside of your local grocery store.

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Nothing says a backyard sleepover more than smores! Melted chocolate and marshmallows smashed in-between two pieces of graham crackers is the perfect bedtime snack for your little ones. If you have an outdoor firepit – of course use it. If not, don’t fret. Smores can be made inside of your microwave, oven or over the flames of your backyard BBQ. Get creative, and the kids won’t remember how they made them – but who they made them with.

Extra..Extra blankets. You’ll never realize how hard grass can really feel until waking up at 2am with a stiff back. I recommend grabbing every blanket in your house to put under your back. If you are one of the lucky ones to have an air mattress..I’m envious.

Finally, don’t forget to turn off the sprinklers. The quickest way to crash your backyard campout is by getting a nighttime shower from the sprinklers.

Don’t have a backyard? Don’t worry. Again, get creative by planning a campout in your living room, garage or any other place in your home where furniture can be moved around to make space.

Happy Camping!

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