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Five Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

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After successfully surviving potty training three toddlers, I feel like a supermom. Potty training was one of the most-challenging times to survive parenting. The hardest thing was dealing with having to leave the house with a potty training toddler. These are the five tips that I learned to be successful with potty training my three kiddos.

Make it fun! If you have a boy using fruit loops or cheerios as “target practice.”

Reward your kids! Children thrive off positive feedback, and this was key when potty training my youngest son. Rewards don’t have to be tangible objects. They can be as simple as a sticker chart or a stamp on the hand.

Be Consistent! Consistency plays an important part in potty training your toddler. Although there are days that you will feel like they might not be ready, or you just want a break from the craziness – keep pushing forward.

Planning! Starting potty training right before a vacation probably isn’t the best time to start the process. Plan to start potty training when your schedule is light (if you are a working parent – start it on a weekend). Try to be at home 99.9% of the time so that there will be less stress on your toddler and less stress on you.


Be Prepared. Get your kids all the supplies ahead of time before starting their training. Purchase a toddler toilet seat cover and Super Undies. One of the biggest keys to successful potty training is having good quality trainers. One of our favorite brands that have helped many of my friends with potty training their toddlers has been the Super Undies brand.


They are well-made, handle well in the wash and fit snuggly around the leg to avoid puddles on your kitchen floor. They are absorbent, but not too absorbent so that your toddler will still get the sensation that they are wet to help alert them to run to the bathroom.


They come in two different versions: a pull-up and snap-on style. Our favorite is their nighttime undies. No more wet sheets to wash in the middle of the night, and you’re saving the environment by not using disposable nighttime underwear.


Super Undies will have your kids flying into the bathroom like a super hero in no time. They can be purchased online, and they have a wide variety of sizes going up to 13 years with the nighttime undies.


Implementing these helpful tips will have your little super hero potty trained in a flash!

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One Comment

  1. Interesting article, particularly the super undies! By helping the child feel when their underwear is wet, it allows them to identify their soiled underwear faster, which can help them associate the need to go with the wetness in their undies. This can help them learn to identify the bodily trigger and, over time, learn to use the trigger to actually go all by themselves!

    I would though refrain from using the word training, because going to the bathroom is seen more as a learned behavior, much like walking and talking. They will go when their body has physically and mentally developed itself enough. Great article though!

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