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Five ways to improve your meditation

Meditation is something anyone can try, enjoying the benefits it can bring.

While in its essence it is not a complicated practice to understand or carry out, it can be tricky to maintain that focus of attention and beginners often find their minds begin to wander. That is to be expected and it is important to be kind to yourself, recognize and accept your focus was momentarily lost and continue with the practice.

The more you meditate the better you will become, but in addition to ensuring you participate regularly, there are a few extra tips to help make your meditations even more successful and relaxing.

Here are five ways you can easily up your mediation game.

Use scents

Aromatherapy is a great way to aid relaxation and perfect for enhancing a meditation session.

Unwind with old favorites such as rosemary or lavender or try something more unusual like jasmine or frankincense. Each of these are ideal scents to create a calming atmosphere and add another element to stimulate your senses during meditation.

Use sounds

Certain sounds can have a calming effect and can also be used to block out unwanted noise from noisy neighbors, traffic or conversation in another room for example.

A small water feature in the space offers the sound of moving water which can be extremely relaxing and help set the scene for your practice.

Other calming sounds you can find audios for include the sounds of nature, whale song and particular musical instruments such as the pan pipes.

Use supplements

If you are not getting the right balance of nutrition for instance, or if you need help reaching a more relaxed state, supplements could offer a solution.

Supplements containing nutrients such as B complex vitamins or melatonin could help you to combat stress while a CBD supplement might help to aid relaxation.

Most health shops should be able to offer advice on nutritional supplements and websites such as stock a range of CBD products.

Use the right style

There are different forms of meditation and different ways for you to approach it so make sure you choose the method which suits you best.

Meditation approaches include focused meditation which usually centers around the breath, spiritual meditation which is similar to prayer, mantra or transcendental meditation, movement meditation which includes exercise such as yoga and mindfulness meditation which is about accepting what is happening without judgement.

Use your décor

Making sure you are in calming surroundings is essential. Being surrounded by walls in colors which are not conducive to destressing will not help you reach that higher state of consciousness and neither will clutter (or any other “visual noise” for that matter). So, make sure you take time to decorate and organize your meditation space in a way that will invite calm.

For beginners, setting out your meditation space will make your progress easier and for seasoned meditators, adding in any of these elements you have yet to incorporate could help you to take your practice to the next level.

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