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Five Ways to Make Homeschooling Fun While on Summer Vacation #DisneySMmoms


“We’re on vacation, so the kids can take a break from school.” Yes, we all feel this way, but it is so important for your child’s development to keep them engaged and learning year round. Our children’s brains grow the most during their first years of life, with 85% of it developing by the age of four. While on vacation last week at Disney World, I made homeschooling fun for my kids while on summer vacation with these fun activities.

Invite the children to send postcards to their friends and family. Your children will not even realize that they are working on their fine motor, language and grammar skills by doing this fun summer activity. Sit down with your children, and talk to them about sentence structure, grammar, and other letter writing skills. You will be teaching your children that there is a value in written words and will be teaching them new words too.

For younger children, make a game out of putting on sunscreen. Place your child in front of a mirror and as you apply the sunscreen to their different body parts, have them repeat the body part names. This is a fun way to teach younger children about their body parts while also teaching them the importance of wearing sunscreen.

Money! When it comes time to pay for food or souvenirs have your children help count out the money. I normally have my children bring a small bag filled with their coins and dollar bills for this activity while on vacation. The kids learn about the value of items, math skills and budgeting skills.

Measuring! If planning a trip to a destination with a beach or a pool, instead of bringing traditional pails or buckets, bring measuring cups. (These can be found at a fraction of the cost at your local dollar store.) When your children are playing, with the measuring cups in the sand, talk to them about the different measurements. They will learn math, science and more while enjoying sand play with measuring cups.

Sorting! When first arriving at the hotel, teach your children about sorting with the clothes in their suitcase. Have your children unpack their suitcase by putting their shirts in one pile, while their shorts/pants in another pile. You can even expand on this project by having your children sort their clothes by colors.

These are just a few ways to keep your kids learning while on vacation. Get creative and have fun stimulating your child’s brain while still having a fun family vacation.

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