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Follow These 5 Tips to Increase the Shelf Life of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is one of the best alternatives to sugar. Compared to refined sugar, it is lower in calories. This ingredient doesn’t let you compromise in terms of taste. Thus, you can spread it on your favorite dishes and savor the taste till the last bite.

The benefits of maple syrup are many. But do you know with time, this ingredient may go bad? Maple syrup brings a lot of goodness and sweetness to the table. When the syrup goes bad, we recommend you discard it. 

Pure unopened maple syrup, when stored in the right environment, will never go bad. The taste of the syrup will remain fresh for the longest time. That being said, the moment you open a new bottle, the sugar content of the syrup will start attracting moisture, thus creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and other substances. 

How to Store Maple Syrup to Increase its Shelf Life? 

Like many other food products, maple syrup will begin to go bad when exposed to moisture and air in the atmosphere. But do not worry. You can work on the below-listed tips to store this ingredient and increase its shelf life. 

Store the Maple Syrup in a Glass Container 

First, always buy maple syrup that is sold in glass jars and containers instead of plastic and other materials. When you store it in the pantry or refrigerator, maple syrup in a glass jar will retain its peak quality. A glass jar will also help you determine if the syrup has spoiled or gone bad. 

Plastic containers and porous. They absorb moisture and nearby flavor, thus increasing the chances of mold formation. Tin containers change the flavor of the syrup, giving it a metallic taste. It is best to use a glass jar. 

Take Care with Hygiene 

If you buy maple syrup in bulk, we recommend you divide it into smaller parts and store it for later use. Always sanitize the container or jar properly before transferring the syrup. It will keep mold, yeast, and bacteria at bay. 

Do not leave the spoon or stick it inside the container. Ensure you are hygienic with your practices while using maple syrup. 

Pantry Storage 

If you leave it unopened, maple syrup remains well in your pantry at room temperature. You can store it safely in your kitchen cabinet, but ensure not to put it under direct heat or sunlight. 

But if you have opened the jar or container, we suggest you put the syrup in the refrigerator. 

Refrigerate the Maple Syrup 

As stated, the ideal way to keep your maple syrup fresh for a long time is to refrigerate it. Whether the container is open or unopened, keeping it in the fridge will increase the shelf-life of the ingredient by manifold. 

The cool and dry environment of the refrigerator will keep the syrup stable so that it will be saved from crystallization. The crystallization of this syrup is a clear sign of it gone bad. 

Freeze your syrup for a Long-Term use 

Freezing is the right solution if you want to store bulk maple syrup. For the best result, freeze your syrup at -18 degrees Celsius. Always leave some space at the top of the storage container to expand. 

Freezing the syrup will thicken its consistency, hence retaining its quality in the long run. Use the stored maple syrup within a year to enjoy the freshness to the peak. 


Compared to other sugary products, the shelf-life of maple syrup is higher. When you store this ingredient properly, you can enjoy it for a year or two. We hope you follow the above-listed tips to savor the syrup for a long time. 


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