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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Munchkin House in La Jolla


While spending so much time in La Jolla this summer, we got wind of the news that there was a “Munchkinland” build on the La Jolla hillside in the early 1930’s. Guess what? One confirmed Munchkin house remains!! During our last trip to the San Diego area this summer, we added the house to our GPS to see for ourselves how small the house actually is in real life.




We drove up a small windy street to the top of the hillside where we discovered the adorable house. There was no parking, and signs warning of tow-away, so we had to make our visit quick. My giant suburban took up the entire road as we jumped out of the car to check out the house in a flash.




It is cuter in real life than we could have imagined. The doors were the height of 11-year-old who is only 58″ inches tall. There were a mini mailbox and tiny windows. I was geeking out over the architecture of the house while my kids were curious about how an adult could possible fit into the front door of the house?? One thing is for certain – the owner of the house has one of the best views of La Jolla.





We wanted to respect the privacy of the owner (yes, someone does live in the house), so we kept our visit to less than three minutes.


The other house we found on Hillside Drive..look at the roof =)


Same style of windows

Architecture is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. Everything that we had researched about this house had mentioned that there were multiple houses built, with many of them moved. The roof and the style were very distinctive, and while driving back down the hill, I did see two more houses that matched the style of the famous architect Cliff May.



What are you waiting for? Follow the yellow brick road to discovering Munchkinland. But, please respect the privacy of the owner and the neighbors. =)

MunchkinHouseLaJolla17 kids always take bad pictures of me..but I had to share to how the scale of the door

The GPS address is: 7475 hillside drive, La Jolla.

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