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Food Patriot Review

Food Patriot

If there was ever a more exciting time to be alive and be a part of something big – the food revolution is it! I say this because food is something our daily lives revolve around. We eat it at least 3 times a day, we can’t live without it, and it can literally contribute to our health or to disease with every single bite. It’s actually one of the most important decisions we can make on a daily basis. If you are asking yourself, “what food revolution?” then Food Patriots is the documentary for you!

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This powerful new documentary that features people from all walks of life who are trying to change the way Americans eat and buy food, and, more importantly, educate the next generation of consumers. The focus of this film isn’t about informing you about what’s in your food or how bad it is for you, but about how you, the average citizen, can come together with your community to make a change for the better. A small change – in fact – only a 10% change!

Change is hard, we all know that, but changing only 10% of something – now that we can all manage! Food Patriots will show how our buying power, our growing power, our community power challenges an industrialized food system. It will not only teach you about where you food comes from, but it will show you how the food system in the United States is actually really here FOR us! We are all actually Food Patriots, most of us just don’t know it! Every time we run an item through the check out at the grocery store, we are voting for the future of food in America. With every purchase we make, we are telling the farmers what to grow!

The food industry as it stands today is not sustainable. We are not eating real food – we are eating “food-like” substances. Packaged food to be exact. In fact, over 70% of the food in the grocery stores are packaged in a box. We are getting what we demand – fast, quick, easy, ready to go meals with little to no nutrition, while childhood obesity, antibiotic resistance, genetically modified ingredients, Ecoli bacteria, high mercury levels, and too many cancer cases are popping up at overwhelming and alarming rates in the United States. Our children are literally eating themselves to death and according to one study, if we continue along this path, by 2018, our country will have $345 Billion/year health care costs to sustain these issues. So what are we waiting for? With statistics like those, and as mothers, we need to be a part of the solution, not only for ourselves, but for our children, grandchildren, and for future generations to come.

How can YOU be a Food Patriot?

  • Change 10% of your diet to organic, fresh, local foods. (Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 List)
  • Get connected to your food and where it comes from at your local CSA or Farmers Market. (OC Farmer’s Markets) (CSA Programs)
  • Grow your own food at home. (Quick & Easy Garden)
  • If your school doesn’t have a garden already, ask for one! And help get it started! (UCCE Master Gardeners of OC)
  • Start conversations about where food comes from.
  • Read food labels. (Fooducate App)
  • Avoid “food-like” substances at the grocery store. (food-like substances)
  • Start a composting bin at home (DIY bin example)
  • I know from personal experience how hard it can be to change the way you eat. 5 years ago my son was diagnosed with a severe dairy allergy and our family had to completely and abruptly change the way we ate. There were no baby steps, no 10% adjustment in our diet, because his life depended on us changing our food lifestyle. Even after 5 years, I still find myself learning more and more about food and making even more adjustments to our lifestyle. Eating healthy foods isn’t a diet – it’s a lifestyle. Taking baby steps to take back your health and eliminate the “junk” we tend to call food is a lifestyle change. Diets are temporary, they never last, but making a 10% change in the way you eat – that’s not so hard.


  • Ask! It’s not rude to ask about food! Ask where it comes from, how it was grown, how the animals are treated. You deserve to know and you’ll likely find the conversations are enlightening.
  • Shop the outside aisles at the supermarket – this is where you’ll find fresher items with less processing.
  • Cook! You’ve seen the cooking shows, now put it in action. And remember, buy fresh, seasonal ingredients and your cooking can be simple – let those wonderful fruits and veggies shine!
  • Eat as a family! Sit down together over a meal and conversation – you’re more likely to eat slower and eat less, plus you’ll catch up on everyone’s lives. Sound impossible? Try it once a week. Single? Start a dinner club.
  • Shrink the quantity of meat on your plate, and ramp up the veggies. Does that steak look large? It probably is. Cut it in half for two people or slice it onto a salad.
  • Eat prepared foods that have fewer ingredients. For extra credit, be sure you can pronounce everything on the ingredient list.
  • Buy from farmers markets! Befriend a farmer and you’re well on your way to eating better. They are proud of the healthy food they grow for you so take advantage of it.
  • Grow your own! There is nothing as tasty as a tomato you’ve nurtured. Garden with kids and you’ll find they are far more willing to try new foods because they’re invested in them.
  • Cut the soda! How many do you drink per week? Reduce it by 10% or perhaps institute “Soda-Free Saturdays” in your home.
  • Join Food Patriots and teach others! If we convince one another to make small changes, we can pressure the food system to supply us with better food and become healthier as a nation.
  • Never underestimate the power of one – YOU!
  • When in doubt, just remember – “Anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference has never been in bed with a mosquito!” – Ghandi
  • Just imagine if we all make a slight change in the way we eat…it’s like a pile of dominos getting larger, bigger, and stronger. 10% more fresh veggies, 10% more local food, 10% more organics. Not only will you improve your own health, but the health of the planet. The large food companies and our own government will have no choice but to listen and make the necessary changes to get the “junk” out of our food, but until that happens, join me and 1200 others in pledging to make a change today! Simply click on this link to take the pledge to food freedom! One person can make a difference, but thousands of people can make a bigger difference, and we should all try!
Tammi is a vegan wife and stay at home mother of 3 children living in Laguna Niguel. She is an environmental advocate and volunteer for Food & Water Watch, an avid recipe tester, and passionate about organic living. When she’s not cooking or blogging, she’s driving her kids around to karate, tennis, youth group, swimming, drama club or Kumon. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at GMO Free Girl.
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