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Foods to Enjoy While You ‘Get Your Ears On’ at Disneyland

We attended the Get Your Ears On Celebration as a guest of Disneyland

There is a great big party happening at the Disneyland Resort. It is a Mickey and Minnie Celebration, and you’re invited to “Get Your Ears On.” A celebration would not be complete without fantastic food, and the Disneyland Resort has gone above and beyond for this celebration.

And, a celebration would not be complete without tasty & savory treats. Plus, the Disneyland Resort has made many of the foods to include hidden Mickey’s, as part of the celebration.

Are you ready? Get Your Ears On!

Get Your Ears on with Mickey and Minnie

Share Your Ears Cheeseburger

Available at Smoke Jumpers

Share Your Ears Cheeseburger at the Disneyland Resort

Mickey and Minnie love cheeseburgers just as much as we do. So, in honor of their celebration, Disneyland created the ultimate cheeseburger. Bring three of your friends, and share this tasty cheeseburger during the celebration. Sink your taste buds into a mouthwatering burger, and then put on your favorite ears to celebrate Mickey and Minnie in the park.

Pad Thai Spring Rolls

Available at Bengal BBQ

Pad Thai Spring Rolls at the Disneyland Resort

I’ll be honest. I have never been a fan of spring rolls. But, the minute that I tasted the Pad Thai Spring Rolls at Bengal BBQ, I could not stop eating it. I originally was going to eat half, but ended up eating the entire roll. Plus, when paired with the hoisin cashew dipping sauce, I was in heaven. Also, did I mention that there is also a hidden Mickey in the roll?

A Cheesy Celebration Hot Dog

Available at Award Weiners

A Cheesy Celebration Hot Dog at the Disneyland Resort

My favorite thing about Award Weiners is their buns. They are warm, soft, and delicious. Plus, when combined with the creative flavors of Disney, I can’t resist.

The house-made bun comes toasted. Inside is a smoked sausage with cheese inside of that. It is layered with macaroni and cheese. Also, it has marinated cheese curds. Plus, they top it with crispy cheese puffs and pickled jalapeños in the shape of Mickey’s ears.

Mickey’s Party Hat Macaron

Available at Cozy Cone

Mickey's Party Hat Macaron at the Disneyland Resort

What would a celebration be without a party hat? Not only is this sweet dessert cute, but it is also super tasty. Did I mention that it is filled with sprinkles? There are two ways to eat this dessert. First, you can sink your taste buds into it, and feel the celebration explode in your mouth with every bite. Second, you can break it in half, and watch the confetti sprinkle on your plate.


What would a celebration be without CAKE? Well, The Disneyland Resort has multiple places to get cake while celebrating Mickey and Minnie during the celebration.

Mickey Celebration Cake

Available at the Plaza Inn

Mickey Celebration Cake at the Disneyland Resort

This tasty cake mimics the float that your family will see during the celebration at the Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (starting January 25th). It features a lemon mousse, raspberry jam, and layers of cake.

Mickey Mouse Club Dessert

Available at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Mickey Mouse Club Dessert at Disneyland

A Mickey Mouse celebration would not be complete without a tribute to the Mickey Mouse Club! So, The Disneyland Resort created a dessert to honor it. The sweet dessert features a vanilla crème brûlée on the inside, and hard chocolate on the exterior.

Mickey Hat Dessert

Available at Rancho Del Zocalo

Mickey Hat Dessert at the Disneyland Resort

Finally, if you’re in the mood for something different, head over to Rancho Del Zocalo, there, you’ll discover a unique dessert. It has a churro filling with a mango glaze outside.

Are you ready? Get your favorite ears on, and get prepared to celebrate Mickey and Minnie Mouse during this fun “Get Your Ears On” celebration. Also, come hungry! There is so much to enjoy during this celebration at the Disneyland Resort.

Foods to Get Your Ears On at Disneyland

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