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Forever Stamps: Frequently Asked Questions

Forever Stamps are high-caliber stamps issued by the USPS (United States Postal Service). One of these stamps’ features is that they are non-denominational, making it possible for you to purchase them with ordinary postage rates even if the average was more expensive.


Do Forever Stamps Expire?

For instance, if you purchase them at $0.55/stamp and the rate for first-class stamps increases to $0.60/stamp, that saves you $0.05 on each letter you’ll send. In 2007, USPS issued Forever Stamps, and by 2011, USPS almost every stamp they issued became first-class stamps.

To date, you’re only allowed to purchase first-class stamps that have their value stamped on the postage stamps, and you have to get a bulk coil that’s about 500 stamps. For avid stamp collectors, many may be wondering, “how much are forever stamps worth?” or if they’ll ever get expired, or are they even a good investment? We’ve broken down every query about these first-class stamps.

Postage stamps have no expiration date as long as stamps are legitimate or properly validated. However, if you’ll place an old stained-looking or ratty stamp with tape, it’ll more likely be rejected. However, if the stamp looks neat and adheres, it’ll be approved.

Forever Stamps can mail a 1oz letter regardless of your date purchased or if the price will change in the future.
They are sold at a similar price as standard First-Class postage stamps.

Knowing when a stamp will get rejected is vital. Here are several important factors to consider, regardless of stamp age:

Torn or damaged border
Glued or taped over stamps on the envelope to ensure it adheres
Value or price is covered, smeared, blurred, or illegible

FAQs About Forever Stamps

You won’t find any dollar denomination printed on any Forever Stamps as they are worth the first-class stamp rate. Whether you’re a newcomer to stamp collection or an expert philatelist, here are several frequently asked questions about Forever Stamps:

Are they really forever?

They have no expiration and can mail 1oz letters regardless of how much you purchased them, or the price varies for future use. This also means you can send your sweepstakes entry anytime with your Forever Stamps regardless of the current postage stamps costs.

What’s the difference between regular stamps and forever stamps?

Forever stamps can be used to mail 1oz letters no matter when you purchased the stamps or how much you purchased them. They have a similar price with regular first-class postage stamps.

Regular stamps have a fixed price while forever stamps are bought at a specific amount, and if the price for sending mails goes higher, they’ll still cover postage costs. That means forever stamps have a higher numerical value compared to regular stamps over time. All stamps with fixed dollar value retain their price as it is.

Why do they have a line through on them?

You’ll notice a strike-through on the FOREVER word to ensure the illustration cannot be used as a stamp through for technical, productive means. There aren’t other stamps that come with this line through on the ‘forever’ word. They are honored as stamps on every item mailed inside the US.

How to identify if a stamp is a forever stamp?

One suitable identification is these stamps don’t have dollar value printed on them. Their worth is similar to the first-class stamp rate.

How do Forever Stamps work?

They are easy-to-sue. Just purchase these stamps at a similar rate as first-class postage stamps, and never worry about the price of sending a letter will cost you. Just stick your Forever Stamp with any standard-size envelope and drop the note anytime in your mailbox.

You can also use them if you need to send packages or letters which weigh more than 1oz.

Where can you buy Forever Stamps?

You can purchase them from the USPS from your local post office, by telephone, or online. Several stores like gift shops and grocery stores carry stamps.

How can you save money on Forever Stamps?

There are various ways on how to save money with bargain stamps. However, you’ll need to be careful not to purchase counterfeit stamps. Cashback deals are the best ways to increase saving from credit card purchases online on various sites like eBay Bucks or eBates.

Several club stores offer little discounts with forever stamps—also winning gift cards from various stores, including Staples that sell postage stamps.


Knowing several essential facts about forever stamps is vital. They can be an excellent investment as they don’t have fixed numeral values that may change over time. Though they don’t have expiration dates, you’ll need to take extra care of them.

It’s worth noting that these stamps’ physical value deteriorates. Stamps that are unreadable, damaged, or torn will automatically get rejected. Similar to stamps that are glued or taped to an envelope.

In case the stamp is damaged or loses its stickiness, it’s highly recommended to take it back to the post office if they are eligible for exchange. To prevent future issues, store your stamps in a flat, dry, and safe location.

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