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Four Healthy Summer Snacks To-Go

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During the Summer, we spend our days living out of my car. We are always on the go whether going to the beach, park or finding somewhere new to explore. The only downside to living an active lifestyle with your children is not being home throughout the Summer days to prepare healthy snacks. With a child who has severe food allergies, I’ve had to learn how to prep, prepare and pack healthy Summer snacks to-go.

Planning is key when packing Summer snacks for your kids. Every Sunday, I go to the store with my healthy snack list and then prepare everything before the week starts. When selecting snacks to-go for the kids, I always try to purchase food that is not perishable. I kept a small plastic bin in the trunk of my car where all the snacks are kept for the week so that I am never left with a hungry kiddo while on the go. Since the snacks are kept in the car during the week, I always shop keeping in mind that the snacks have to withstand the extreme temperature variations in my car.

Wondering what to purchase? While fruits and vegetables are my #1 snack to serve my kids at home, these are some healthy snack options to bring with your kids on the go.


Nuts! If your kids are not allergic, then these make a perfect healthy snack to take on the go. Trader Joe’s makes it simple for parents by selling nuts in individual single serving packages. While almonds are my favorite choice, kids love the trail mix packages sold at Trader Joe’s.


Fruit! While I can’t keep fresh fruit in my car throughout the summer, I always stock up on lots of dry fruits. I purchase fruit leather from Whole Foods Market, make my own single serving size packets of my kids favorite dried fruit and often use my dehydrator to make fresh, dried fruit at home.


Apple Sauce! It doesn’t matter how old my kids get – they still love their GoGo squeeZ. It doesn’t contain a bunch of added ingredients and is the perfect serving size to help fuel my hungry growing children.


Chips! I never used to feed my children potato chips until discovering “The Better Chip.” The kids would always see their friends snacking on giant bags of potato chips at the beach, and beg me to buy some for them. This is a healthier alternative that I discovered where my kids won’t feel “left out” or different on the playground. My two favorites at the Spinach & Kale and Beets chips that are made with fresh vegetables! The are GMO-FREE, Gluten-Free, and oh so yummy when dipped into a cup of hummus.

These four healthy summer snacks paired with bottled water are perfect to keep in your car and keep your kids fuels throughout the long summer days.

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