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Four Things Kids will Learn from The Lion Guard: The Rise Of Scar


The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies of all-time, so naturally, I instantly became a fan of the Disney Junior series The Lion Guard. When I learned about an all-new movie, “The Lion King: The Rise of Scar” being released on DVD, I couldn’t wait to get it and watch it with my younger son.

The film is one of my favorite Lion Guard stories yet, and my favorite part is all the great lessons that my son took away from the story. He was able to learn about team building, problem-solving, friendship, and leadership skills.

The story is centered around the dry season, and all the animals are extra cranky. The hyenas have a plan to try and bring Scar back by stealing Makini (Rafiki’s apprentice) stick and then kidnapping Kiara. The Lion Guard has to work together as a team to fight the evil hyenas and keep the pride Lands safe for the other animals.

Will the animals find water and will Kian win the fight of the rise of Scar? You’ll have to purchase the DVD and watch it with your children to find out.

Along with “The Rise of Scar” there are also four other episodes on the DVD including:
“The Trouble with Galagos”
“Janja’s New Crew”
“Lions of the Outlands”

“Til the Pride Lands ends…The Lion Guard Defends!” Get your copy The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar in stores now.

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  1. Lion Guard is awesome!

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