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My Friend Had Weird Tasting Water At Home Until Recently 

Have you ever had to deal with water that tastes funny? My friend Amy certainly has. We noticed that her water suddenly had this weird taste. At first, she tried to ignore it, but it became clearer that her home water didn’t taste normal. In fact, every drop of Amy’s water that passed through my throat made me think of chlorine-infested waters and brought back chilling memories of my high school swimming pool. 

That’s right. It was like we were drinking bleach. 

When she couldn’t ignore it anymore, she found a way to fix the taste. But first, why did her water taste like bleach? 

Water tastes like bleach 

Having your water taste like chlorine or bleach is quite common with tap water. It happens because municipalities disinfect the water supply with chlorine or chloramine. It’s all done to keep the water safe for drinking, but sometimes it gets out of control, and the water ends up tasting like bleach, just like Amy’s home water. 

How to fix chlorine taste in water

Getting the chlorine/bleach taste out of the water was pretty simple. All Amy had to do was use a basic carbon water filter. The filter removed the weird taste quickly. The carbon water filter fixed the issue because she was dealing with chlorine. If her water had been disinfected with chloramine, she’d have needed to use catalytic carbon. These two filters are available in various forms and sizes. You can get these filters when you pick a home filtration system. Other options to fix the chlorine taste include heating up the water or just letting it sit undisturbed for some time. You could also add Vitamin C to neutralize chloramines. 

There are several other weird tastes your water might have. For instance, if Amy had experienced metallic or dirty tasting water, her approach to fixing the problem would’ve been a bit different. We will explore a few other odd tastes that you might encounter with your water and how best to fix them. 

Water tastes like metal

A lot of homeowners complain about their water having a strange metallic taste. The cause of this metallic taste in tap water is a high level of iron. While this is more common in well-water homes, homes that get water from the city also encounter this. 

Iron isn’t the only culprit in this situation. The presence of other metals like zinc, copper, lead, and manganese can also give your water a metallic taste.

If your water has a low pH level, it’ll give off that metallic taste. Your water can also have a metallic taste if your town has old water infrastructure. Metals from the old pipes can leach into your water and change its original taste. 

If you notice a metallic taste in your water, you should fix it as soon as possible. If the metals involved are lead and zinc, drinking the water could put you in some serious trouble. 

How to fix metallic taste in water

The easiest way to get rid of the metallic taste in your tap water is to get a whole house filtration system fixed. It’s super effective because the system is fixed at the point where water enters your home. By working straight from the source, the filtration system wards off the metallic taste and improves the taste of the water around the house.

Water tastes like plastic 

If your tap water tastes like plastic, your plastic piping is usually responsible. Plastic pipes are the most common plumbing materials used today because they’re cheap and easy to install. If your plumbing is new, it’s bound to have that plastic taste. 

If your bottled water tastes like plastic, it’s simply because tiny plastic parts from the bottle have leached into the water. 

How to fix plastic taste in water

To fix the plastic taste in your new plumbing system, all you need to do is keep the taps running. The more water you use (without drinking), the more the plastic taste rinses off. In no time, you’ll be free of it. If the plastic taste isn’t gone after a while, you should get a plumber to check the pipes. It might just be a poorly installed dishwasher or washing machine giving you problems. 

As for bottled water tasting plastic, the only thing you can do about the taste is to stop drinking it altogether. 

Water tastes bitter 

Having bitter-tasting water can be a real shock and a total pain. Bitter water goes against everything that water should be. 

What causes it? 

Bitter-tasting water is acidic and high in dissolved metals like zinc and copper. The more acidic the water is, the quicker the corrosion of the pipes and fittings and the more bitter the water tastes. 

A bitter taste is usually way worse in the morning the first time you open the tap for the day. 

If your family uses well water, the bitter taste might be coming from naturally occurring iron and manganese. 

How to fix bitter taste in water 

You need first to determine the pH level of your water, the temperature, dissolved oxygen content, and alkalinity. Have your water tested to know the type of iron you’re dealing with, and then choose an iron filter that works best for your situation. 

You can also use a neutralizing filter or liquid injection system to balance out your water’s pH. 

And that’s it for the different taste issues we’ll look into today!

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