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Frozen Birthday Party Movie Night and Mock Sleepover Party


This month my eldest daughter turned five.  While five sounds so much old to us than four, and admittedly a milestone birthday, it is too young for a sleepover party, most would agree. But, of course, what did my daughter want more than anything for a party?  A sleepover, naturally. So we got a little creative and improvised…. and included every five year old – or almost any age! – girl’s favorite sister due as the theme!


Unveiling our Frozen movie night and mock sleepover party!!!


My daughter made a list of her closest friends to invite; the number was limited since the girls would all have to fit on an air mattress in our family room (the mock sleepover part) in front of the TV where the movie Frozen would be shown.  We asked each guest to don their favorite jammies and bring a pillow – just like a real sleepover party!

When guests entered the first thing they saw was a tribute to the birthday girl, with Frozen touches, of course.  Pictures of Ava in my belly, at age 6 weeks, and age 6 months were displayed on a credenza table.


I love to decorate and make each birthday special for my girls.  Often times this includes old pictures of them from when they were babies and they absolutely love to reminisce over them.  Many times these pictures or videos bring up fun memories we can share with them of pregnancy, the day they were born and their early months as tiny babies. It’s such a fun tradition to center the whole week of their birthday around them!

In front of the birthday girl tribute, Anna and Elsa sat in their snowy wonderland atop a cake stand.  Surrounding the sisters were individually packaged Frozen bottle cap necklaces that each girl could wear for the night and take home as a party favor. They were a big hit, and one of my daughter’s favorite things with which to great each of her guests!




Our coffee table forwent its usual decor in favor of some Frozen books the girls could mull over, and pretty Frozen-colored flowers. As you can see everything was about the blue, pink and purple!


As guest made their way to the family room, they came upon what else but a dessert table full of sleep over worthy treats (because everyone knows sleepovers are, in part, about the treats!)




Because my daughter is allergic to food dyes, we are a dye free household. This makes dessert tables and party treats a little challenging, but not impossible with a little creativity. The treats for the party featured cupcakes (colored with beet and blueberry juice) and popcorn (air popped from corn kernels, not the microwave type).



Over the last two years I have done countless parties and events with beet dyed cupcakes and I promise you they do not taste like vegetables (or dirt, as many people accuse beets of tasting!) Kids gobble them up as if they are loaded with Red 40; when infact they’re getting a little side serving of veggies. Score!


The backdrop of the table was simply a white table cloth covering a string of white Christmas lights, to give it that snowy looking twinkle. Strung across the front was a happy birthday banner framed by Frozenesque streamers.


The girls loved running to the table throughout the night to help themselves to some treats during the movie.


My Mama conscience prevented me from serving merely treats all night so, per my daughter request, we served “Winter White Mac N Cheese,” “Olaf’s Noses,” and “Freezin’ Fruit” as the main meal.




“Olaf’s Noses”  are cleverly carrots and ranch (snuck some fun veggies in there), and “Winter White Mac N Cheese” is simply white cheddar (yellow cheddar contains dye) macaroni and cheese.


Beverages included juice boxes and these fun water bottles.


(Speaking of beverages, the wine pictured above may or may not have been enjoyed by Moms who could not take hearing one more rendition of “Let It Go!” Oh, and we heard many!)

The girls had a blast running around in jammies, enjoying treats, and piling on the giant bed watching their favorite movie. My daughter couldn’t decide whether she liked the actual party or the set up more; girl after my little party planning heart!


Even though everyone made an exit before 9pm, there still may have been some (mock) sleepover hangovers the next day.  Party success!!!



Party City: paper goods, balloons, streamers

My Messenger via Etsy: digital download party pack including blue banner, food labels, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers

Cutest Bows on the Block via Etsy: bottle cap necklace favors

Pick Your Plum: popcorn cups

Walmart: fabric for table clothes/runners, AVA letters

Mollie is a wife to a wonderful man and stay at home Mama to two beautiful and energetic little girls. She has lived in South Orange County for most of her life and enjoys crafting, running, clean and natural living, party planning, and being involved in her community and church. She believes that being a Mom was and is her highest calling and attempts to give her girls a wide array of different experiences. From soccer cleats to tutus, running races to finding the perfect hair bow, she wants them to grow up knowing that they can be both girly and strong.
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