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Frozen Live at the Hyperion Opens at Disney California Adventure Park

We attended the premiere as a guest of Disney

Frozen Live at the Hyperion

The highly anticipated time has come for “Frozen Live at the Hyperion” to debut to the world at the Hyperion Theatre at Disney California Adventure Park. The theatrical performance will immerse children and adults of all ages into the magical world of Arendelle. As I watched the magical performance, it felt like the story was being told for the very first time.

Christophe in Frozen Live at the Hyperion

The show isn’t just for girls, and production team had boys in mind when creating the show. There is a touch of comedy from the Duke of Weselton, loveable Olaf, and every boy’s favorite Frozen character, Sven. There is so much action, adventure and special effects that boys will fall in love with the show just as much as girls.

Anna and Elsa at Disney California Adventure Park

It takes a crew of more than 200 people to bring the show to life at the Hyperion, and the special effects are unlike anything I’ve seen before. During the performance, snow will fall from the sky, lights will be flashing, actors will be singing, and Olaf will warm your hearts.

Trolls in Frozen Live at the Hyperion

The stage features a massive 2,200 square foot video wall which takes the show to new heights, and the set pieces are breathtaking. When designing the stage, a turntable was installed so that all the set pieces move seamlessly throughout the show.

Elsa on staircase in Frozen Live at the Hyperion

My favorite scene was when a giant ice staircase extended out into the crowd as Elsa sang “Let it Go” while a giant snowflake lowered from the ceiling. It was breathtaking, and I felt a small tear roll down my cheek at that pivotal moment.

Olaf singing in Frozen Live at the Hyperion

The costumes in the performance left me breathless. The wolves looked realistic as they were chasing Anna and Christophe through the forest, and the trolls were adorable. The princesses dresses were gorgeous, created with extreme attention to detail, and made with a little bit of Disney magic. When Elsa’s tosses her hair to the side while singing “Let it Go” her costume changes in a snap. When that moment happened, my friend turned to me and said, “how did they do that?”

Anna falling in love in Frozen Live at the Hyperion

Frozen Live at the Hyperion is Tony Award worthy and something that families will not want to miss experiencing when visiting the Disneyland Resort. Fall in love again with Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Christophe this summer when bringing your children to see “Frozen Live at the Hyperion.”

Anna in Frozen Live at the Hyperion

Photos are courtesy of Disney

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