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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Fun and Exciting Getaways for 2021

At the beginning of every new year, our minds turn to plans for the upcoming year. Many of us begin planning vacations or weekend getaways. Many have been homebound for months. We just dealt with the stress of the holiday season. It is only natural that, as 2021 begins, we are looking for ways to get away from home.

We all need a little fun or excitement occasionally. Weekend getaways can be easier to manage than lengthy vacations. Here are five ideas for a fun weekend getaway in 2021.

  1. Casino Resort

Excitement is the name of the game at a casino resort. The gaming floor is full of exciting sights and sounds. Games like casino poker and blackjack are just a sample of the things available to do at a casino resort. Often, casinos offer concerts by local or national musicians for those who choose not to play one of the games available. 

The towns around casino resorts are also generally full of activities. It can be fun to visit local restaurants or shops in-between time at the tables.

  1. Amusement Park

An amusement park is a good place to find family-friendly excitement. Amusement parks offer a wide selection of rides for the adventurous person. The rides available range from those for the very young to those for the thrill seeker. Carnival games along the midway are available for those who choose not to experience the thrill of the rides. Furthermore, delicious treats and tasty beverages are available at kiosks and shops throughout the parks.

As with casinos, amusement parks are often located in towns full of local activities. Museums, restaurants, and shops are great ways to spend time outside the amusement park.

  1. Music Festival

Music lovers find that a music festival is an exciting way to get away for a weekend. Often, multiple genres are represented at a festival. A typical music festival lasts for two to three days, and tickets can be purchased for one day or the entire festival.

Many music festivals offer ticket holders the opportunity to camp on site. Food trucks and concessions are typically available. Some even offer games similar to those found at a carnival.

  1. Sporting Event

Sports fans can make a full weekend out of seeing their favorite team play. The game itself is often full of excitement. The outcome is unpredictable and causes fans to bond over the action.

The particular sporting event is the central focus of these weekend getaways. Many of them have activities before the game to get fans in the mood to cheer. Afterward, there are often parties or gatherings to continue the fun.

  1. Camping

Camping is a classic weekend adventure. Many outdoor lovers find great fun in setting up camp and roughing it. Hearts beat with anticipation of cooking outdoors and eating picnic-style.

Many campers choose to find adventure within the campground. Often, campers have access to locations for fishing and boating. Hiking is another activity often enjoyed by campers. Outdoor enthusiasts find camping is an affordable, all-inclusive vacation.

Final Thoughts

Now that 2021 has officially begun, we can plan ways to escape the doldrums of daily life. A multitude of activities is available for fun and exciting weekend getaways. The five mentioned here accommodate thrill seekers, music lovers, sports enthusiasts, and outdoorsy people. These are simply the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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