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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Fun garden activities for the whole family

It’s not easy to find ways to keep the family outside for a while to get some fresh air and a little time away from their devices. But if you’re able to capture everyone’s attention, they’ll soon be spending more time in the garden than ever before. Here are some fun and safe ways to get the outdoor family bonding time you want.

Plant a new tree together 

There’s an incredible bonding experience that comes with planting and nurturing a growing tree as a family. It promotes responsibility for the kids, and if you find the right tree, it can even become a place for you to regularly spend quality time together. 

Look into deciding on the perfect eye-catching tree as a family. Buying dwarf Japanese maple trees is a great example of finding something that’s easy to maintain yet breathtaking to look at. These qualities will encourage your family to keep and cultivate their very own tree!

Make an obstacle course

It’s time to burn off that excess energy from being indoors all the time, and create a fun-filled (but safe!) obstacle course for your family. Turn your garden into an arena that’s littered with hurdles (cushions and other soft household objects) for the family to race around. Loser tidies up the mess! 

Dig out the classic garden games

If the obstacle course doesn’t get too competitive, raise the stakes higher by rummaging through the garden shed to look for some classic garden games. Dust off that old swingball set and give out those skipping ropes. With so many electrical devices around us, it’s so easy to forget the simple joys in life that can be done in your back garden. 

Spoil your pets 

Our family pets give us so much joy and ask for very little in return, so dedicate a day to spoiling them in the garden! Let them join in the obstacle courses, watch them chase balls, or if the weather is right, give them a joyful blast from a water pistol to keep them cool. 

Either way, remember to give your furry family members a shaded place in the garden to rest and lots of water to keep them hydrated. 

Try bird watching 

Depending on the season, bird watching can keep the whole family entertained for hours. All you really need are a few pairs of binoculars, a pen and paper, and a few inquisitive minds.

If you’re really keen to keep the kids occupied, let them bring their tablets outside to look online and identify each bird. They’ll soon be taking the initiative to continue without you!

Give each family member a plot of garden 

This fun idea helps you to all fall in love with gardening while allowing each family member to express their individuality. Giving each person in the family their very own patch of the garden will encourage them to connect with nature and each other, as they cultivate flowers, vegetables, or anything else that they please!

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