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Fun Toys to Encourage Kids to Get Outside


Let’s be honest. Our children are growing up in a time where most kids spend the majority of their time inside. Electronics and video games are distracting children of this generation and discouraging them from spending their time outside having fun and playing. This summer, we had a technology-free summer, and my children spent all of their time outside playing. With them spending all their time outside, I had to look into finding new tools to help make it fun (especially for my teenagers). One brand that my I discovered this summer, and my children loved was Toysmith. Their outdoor products make playing outdoors fun for children, and these are our favorite Toysmith outdoor toys that you’ll want to add to your toy box.

Spring Ring

Enjoy your outside playtime with the Toysmith Spring Ring. Play a variety of games for hours with this catchy, throwing, bouncy, flingy, fun ring set. The large springy disks are great for use in a multitude of outdoor games. This set includes 2 spring ring disks, 1 rubber ball, and 1 splash ball to create a play setup you can take anywhere. Bring it to the beach, the park, or your own back yard for great bouncing fun. Made using safe and high quality materials, this product is designed to last. Recommended for ages 4 and up.


Volley back and forth with the oversized racket and bash able, bouncy birdie ball. Includes two 21″ rackets and one 4-1/2″ birdie ball. Whoosh it with bash Minton! get outside and go play!.

NightZone Capture the Flag

Night zone’s capture the flag is a classic game with a nightgown twist. Join in the action as red team and blue team try to steal one another’s light-up flag from the light-up base. Watch the bases light up and try not to get tagged. This set includes both red and blue light-up flags and bases. The six required AAA and AG3 batteries come included. This item is recommended for ages six years and up.

Have fun playing outside with your kids!

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