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Future Dreamers of the World: Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


What is it like to be a young dreamer of the world? Only those who have “seen” the future can share. We talked to two talented young kids who got a glimpse of the future while filming the movie “Tomorrowland,” Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson.

Photo courtesy of Cori Schames Nadler

Photo courtesy of Cori Schames Nadler

Both Raffey and Thomas are just as sweet in real life as they were in the movie “Tomorrowland.” With both of these two children getting a chance to experience what the future may be like when making the film, we were curious to know what their favorite way to get around “Tomorrowland” might be? At no surprise to any of us moms who were sitting around the table talking with them, they both said with delight, “Jetpacks.”


While making the film, Thomas, got an opportunity to “fly” with the help of harnesses to make it look like he was flying with real jetpacks. What was it like to wear a harness for many hours when making a movie? “Uncomfortable. They dig in all the wrong places,” said Thomas. Not only were they uncomfortable, but it would also take Thomas thirty to forty-five minutes to get the harness on every day. Thomas continued to tell us that, “it was definitely worth it to be able to do all that cool stuff with the wires and the air tunnel.”

“I thought I was afraid of heights, and then they took me up on a forklift, like twenty-five feet in the air, and I didn’t really mind it.” Thomas Robinson


While Thomas was flying with the help of harnesses while making the film, Raffey was doing extreme stunts with her “superhero” powers. To gain these superhuman strengths she took flying trapeze lessons. The instructor is a friend of their family, and she said, “it was really fun.”


The big question for these two shining stars who had special pins in the movie that would allow people to come to “Tomorrowland,” was if they had just one pin…who would they give it too?

Thomas said that he would give it to his friend Sam while Raffey told us that she would give it to Mike Wazowski.

Don’t miss watching these young creative/ minds of our future in the film “Tomorrowland” that will be released on Blu-ray and DVD starting on October 13th.

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