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Garlic and Prosciutto Flatbread Recipe

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We Olive 1

With a son who has severe food allergies, olive oil is the only oil that I am able to cook with in my house. It is also one of my favorite ingredients to use to experiment with new recipes, especially after discovering We Olive in San Juan Capistrano. During the kids holiday break, we went to San Juan Capistrano to play at Zoomar’s Petting Zoo and to have lunch when I stumbled upon the boutique store, We Olive. Inside the store, was every kind of olive oil I every could have ever dreamed possible. I left with a couple different bottles of flavored olive oils and have been creating new recipes with the oils including this delicious garlic and prosciutto flatbread recipe.

We Olive 2

It was my first time making a flatbread, so I learned the do’s and don’ts very quickly. First it is so much easier just to purchase the flatbread at the store. I made many attempts at making my own flatbread, and it took all day…ending up in failure. I found a three-pack of freshly made flatbread at Von’s that made making this recipe more realistic for busy moms life myself to make.


Visit We Olive in San Juan Capistrano to purchase the garlic olive oil needed for this recipe, and I guarantee that your kids will love every bite!


Garlic and Prosciutto Flatbread Recipe

1 large piece of flatbread
2 Tbl. We Olive garlic olive oil
1/3 cup sliced cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup fresh arugula
4-5 pieces of prosciutto
(optional pesto)


1. Brush the garlic olive oil on both sides of the flatbread.

2. Place the flatbread on an outdoor barbecue over medium heat.

3. Wait until the one side of the flatbread is crispy and has grill marks before flipping the bread (5-6 minutes).

4. Cook the other side of the bread the same way.

5. Add the toppings to the flatbread and close the top of the grill for 2-3 minutes over *low* heat
6. Slice and enjoy!


The only variation that I would have done is added some pesto before the topping but because we have a nut allergy I could not add it to mine.

If you go to We Olive Oil in San Juan Capistrano before Saturday, January 31st, guests who present a Mission admission ticket the day of attendance will receive 10 percent off any We Olive branded products.

We Olive is located at 31760 Camino Capistrano Suite B in San Juan Capistrano.

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  1. So glad I saw this! We are planning a little adventure over to San Juan Capistrano 🙂 will be buying olive oil forsure


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