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Genoa Bar and Saloon: Nevada’s Oldest Saloon

While visiting Genoa Nevada, I had to make a quick stop at the oldest bar in Nevada, Genoa Bar, and Saloon. I drove our Chevy Tahoe over to the saloon after having lunch at the historic Pink House.

Chevy Tahoe outside of Genoa's Saloon

The kids played with a wild deer outside of the saloon, while I went inside to explore.

Feeding wild deer in Genoa Nevada

The minute that I walked into the saloon, I felt like I had been transported into another time. It was something straight out of a movie. Since I was driving with my kids, I couldn’t enjoy a cocktail, but I did take some time to soak up the ambiance.

Entrance to Genoa Bar and Saloon

The saloon has a huge old-fashioned bar, a pool table, and even some tables for gambling.

Inside Genoa Bar and Saloon

About Genoa Bar

Signage for Genoa Bar and Saloon in Nevada

In 1863, Al Livingston built the building and called it Livingston’s exchange. In 1884, Frank Fettic bought it and renamed it Fettic’s Exchange. He operated it as a “Gentleman’s Saloon” allowing no rough stuff or excessive drinking.

Nevada's oldest saloon

It subsequently had three more owners until 1963 when Robert Carver purchased it. Now known as the “Old Genoa Bar,” it is the oldest continually operating thirst parlor in the state of Nevada. “No horses allowed.”

What to Expect When Visiting the Genoa Bar

Decor at the Genoa Bar and Saloon

Enjoy a cocktail inside the bar or at one of their many outdoor tables. In the winter, there is a fire pit on the outdoor patio.

Outdoor seating at the Genoa Bar and Saloon in Nevada

After visiting the Old Genoa Bar, take a walk next door to the antique shop. There is also the historic Mormon Station State Park where your family can learn a lot about the history of the area.

Brick wall inside of the Genoa Bar and Saloon in Nevada

The town of Genoa is the oldest town in Nevada, and you’ll want to plan for a couple of hours to explore all the history. It is a true hidden gem to experience when visiting Carson Valley. Learn more about planning your upcoming trip to Carson Valley online.


2282 Main St
Genoa, NV 89411

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