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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Get Flawless Skin with Skin Pi

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First Skincare Routine for Teens

As I have gotten older, caring for my skin is one of my number one priorities. I am always trying new skincare products, and doing whatever I can to reduce the signs of aging. I was recently introduced to a new skincare line that has some of the best face masks that I have ever used called Skin Pi.

Skin Pi Skincare Routine

The Orange County-based company was started by an OC Mom, Goby Liu who was a former runway model who learned the best ways to care for her skin. Once she became a mother, she wanted to create a skincare line that was effective, easy-to-use, and safe if it gets transferred to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Skin Pi Exfoliation Scrub

Over the past couple of weeks, I have incorporated the Skin Pi Exfoliation Scrub and Hydrating Face Mask into my daily skincare routine, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in the overall look of my skin. What I love about the exfoliation scrub is that it doesn’t feel rough or irritate my skin when applying like other exfoliants, and quickly takes the dry skin off my face.

The masks the Skin Pi has created are pure genius. Since I know that the masks are made without products that are safe enough to touch a baby’s skin, I have been letting my teenage daughter also use the masks. Since using the Skin Pi face masks, her acne has cleared up, and she rarely has blackheads anymore. The masks are helping to keep her skin hydrated, and her skin tone is looking evenly.

Skin Pi Face Mask

After seeing that the masks were not harsh on my daughter’s face, I allowed her to start using the Skin Pi compact foundation. Since she just turned 13, it was time to start allowing her to wear a light-weight foundation, and the skincare benefits of the Skin Pi compact made it an easy pick for her first foundation. It is lightweight, evens her skin tone, and provides her with all-day moisture.

When looking for something new to add to your daily skincare routine, Skin Pi is one that you’ll not want to miss trying. Within just a couple of days of using the product, you’ll notice an overall different in the way your skin looks and feels. Learn more about Skin Pi online, Facebook, and Twitter.

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