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Getting Fit at Yoga Six

We visited as a guest

What a fantastic experience I had at Yoga Six! The ambiance of Yoga Six is incredible.

It has a spa-like and feels like a mini-retreat for the mind and body, especially for a stay at home mom. As soon as you walk through the shoe free studio, soft music greets you along with the friendly instructors.

The natural flooring grounds your body as you proceed to the proper studio. Yoga Six has created an inviting space to enhance and deepen one’s practice.

For instance, Y6 Hot, the room temperature was set to 96 ° F to encourage the flow of sweat and warm the entire body. Throughout the 60 minutes instructed class, the combination of poses and flow was so elegantly arranged to be both challenging and encouraging.

The instructor was warm-toned and offered hands-on adjusting to deepen one’s position and to enhance one’s relaxation or savasana.

The Y6 Hot class left me feeling extremely strong and cleansed. I felt rejuvenated and eager to attend Y6 Sculpt and Flow.

Honestly, I have never practiced a combination class of yoga and weight training. I was apprehensive, thinking I could possibly burnout during the yoga session, plank to chaturanga to downward dog numerous times.

We were encouraged to have two sets of weights, one light, and one heavy. The class began with a 15-minute yoga flow, which was followed by a 35-minute weight session, ending with an all-body stretch. The instructor assembled a whole body workout that was challenging, which I felt for a few days following.

The classes offered at Yoga Six were terrific and left me yearning for more! I now wish to deepen my practice and challenge myself to one day try more classes. The studio allowed me to unwind and find a sense of relaxation for a short while, thank you, Yoga Six!

I attended a class at the Yoga Six location in San Diego, but there are multiple locations throughout Southern California. Including Orange County locations in Irvine, Ladera Ranch and Yorba Linda. Learn more and find a Yoga Six location near you online.

I am a military spouse and a stay at home mom of two wonderful children, Nico 9 and Mia 6.
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